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This Is Why I Am Not Very Happy With Sidharth Shukla Winning Bigg Boss Season 13

Posted: February 18, 2020

A man as entitled and annoying as Sidharth Shukla won Bigg Boss Season 13. When will we stop feeding the egos of  such entitled, aggressive men?

Translated by Madhur Dave

Honestly, I am not particularly shocked that Sidharth Shukla won the 13th Season of Bigg Boss. This is probably because time and again, it was obvious that he was popular among the audiences.

However, the thing that disappointed ( not shocked) me was the fact that the masses voted for an arrogant, ill-mannered and short-tempered person. Once again, people proved that they would vote for based on what they saw and completely ignored the issues at hand. Sidharth was the one contestant who neither had any good qualities in him, nor did the whole season bring out any good in him.

I wouldn’t want someone like him as either a husband or son-in-law!

I would like to know if someone like Sidharth- short tempered, ill-mannered, entitled and indolent could be a role model to anyone. Would the people who voted for him see him as a potential son-in-law?

I am a mother and I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry someone like him, neither would I want to marry an entitled man like him. Throughout the season, did he show his humane side- either towards men or women. He lacked the basic human emotions like love, tolerance, sympathy and even patience. You know, just those basics that make you a good, decent human being?

He was anything but sweet and polite

Sidharth may have been the most popular person in that entire group, but he was not polite, sweet or even kind. He didn’t have the personality that a person of such of stature has. Basically, he didn’t care for anyone neither did he try to fix himself, he was emotionless and unconcerned about anything or anyone.

He made it very difficult to find him loveable. Throughout the season, I marvelled at how someone could only show variations of the same emotion- anger, arrogance and ill-mannered behaviour. How does one go through life behaving like this?

Another thing that confused me was how easily he was let off the hook for the same things other were reprimanded and even punished for!

Paras and Asim were yelled at or punished any time they were angry. At the same time, Sidharth was very politely asked to improve his behaviour. This was probably what helped the audiences make up their minds about voting for him, even though the others were better than him.

Really, why was Sidharth Shukla chosen?

What an amazing journey Asim had- he started at the bottom and reached the top. For that matter, Shehnaz was a wonderful entertainer and Rashmi, who was the complete package or even Arti who showed splendid growth throughout the season. Yet all of them lost!

Whom did the people choose? The man who is a hero on the big screen but is as flawed and annoying as one can get. People chose the person who would lose his temper at every little thing, the one who would prove his point by yelling it out loud, the sore loser, the one who would never help around the house during any emergency. They chose the entitled man who liked showing off his power, someone who wouldn’t refrain from pulling people down and someone whose masculinity is so fragile that he wouldn’t even show his emotions or vulnerabilities.

Sometimes, being a little vulnerable does not make you a weak person. Facing your emotions and vulnerabilities is quite a big thing to do. But the Big Boss winner Sidharth Shukla couldn’t do it. He constantly stuck to one mood and honestly, that isn’t natural or even appealing.

To all the people who actually voted for him

People who voted for Sidharth Shukla to win Bigg Boss season 13, would you really want someone with such shallow emotions to wed your daughter? What was it about him that touched your hearts enough for you to actually vote for him?

Did his character not really matter to you? Or did you vote for him simply because he acted in a few serials where he got to play the role of a hero? Was it because despite his behaviour Bigg Boss was extremely lenient with him?

Will any of you ever be able to take a stand on your own?

It enrages and disgusts me that people are unable to distinguish between the stars, their fake glamour, false images and popularity from their bad behaviour. I am often disappointed in people when they support such stars even when they’re in the wrong.

Winning Bigg Boss simply gave his entitled behaviour an approval

In a way, for Sidharth, winning Bigg Boss was like getting approval for his entitled, arrogant and rude behaviour. The common people will use his win to either justify similar behaviour or will try to be like him. And neither of these things are good.

Of the remaining contestants, leaving apart their basic human flaws, Arti and Rashmi didn’t really have any shortcomings, and despite being immensely popular, Shehnaz didn’t win, either. Asim had a spectacular journey and yet he also lost.

I think, somewhere, our society still worships men like Sidharth- the ones who are entitled, rude, immature and indolent, which is why he won. Or maybe, it is because we are a shallow society that would prefer to vote people based on their looks rather than their personalities. Is it because we aren’t meant to be leaders but merely followers? Or we probably are the people who are constantly in awe of stars with their glimmer and not the ones behind it!

No matter what the reason, the winner of Bigg Boss season 13 has shown me that a man may play the role of a hero on the big screen. But that really does not make him a hero in real life.

Picture credits: Still from Bigg Boss Season 13. 

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  1. I am a woman and I think i would be very happy to marry a man like Siddharth Shukla or have him as my son inlaw. I think your article is very biased. I have watched him as an actor before and I never really liked his work but after seeing big boss, i like him as a person. The way you are targeting his behavior shows you didn’t see the show carefully. The man stood up for his rights, He didn’t take anyone crap man or woman doesn’t make him mad. The fact that every single person at one point or another targeted him you didn’t notice. You only noticed his bad behavior. How hypocritical of you. He did all the work he was assigned, but other choose to ignore their work. You seemed to have missed that as well. I respect that you took the time to share your opinion but your views seem to be of a biased person rather than a fair and just person. So said that no matter how we say we want equal rights when people treat us equal, people like you call them rude. God bless!

  2. Dear soniya, thanks for reading and providing your feedback. I haven’t miss any episode and whatever I have written, is my opinion about him,after watching the whole season. The fact that most of participants targeted him itself embosses the fact that he was wrong somewhere. Not everyone barring him, can go wrong all the time. Please think about it logically. Soniya I’ll not draw any conclusion about you as you have drawn about me however would like to suggest let’s agree to disagree.

    Also, would like to let you know that I have always loved his work on TV and liked him too much but same kind of feeling did not generate after seeing him on this show and I just expressed myself. In my opinion nothing can justify/should justify, his arrogance, anger, insensitive and self-centric behaviour. The only point what I’m making here is that we should see heroism and reality, seperately and react on the basis of issue not the face. Love and god bless!!

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