It Isn’t So Simple To ‘Slap The Molester’ Or ‘Speak Up Immediately’, As Is Expected Of Women

A post on how strong women don't say #MeToo after years and have only 'I slapped him' stories is doing social media rounds, and just shows the writer's position of privilege and inability to see the reality around.

A post on how strong women don’t say #MeToo after years and have only ‘I slapped him’ stories is doing social media rounds, and just shows the writer’s position of privilege and inability to see the reality around.

A lot is being discussed and talked about the #metoo campaign, but what made me write this post was an article doing rounds on WhatsApp and other social media that spoke about Tanushree Dutta, that a “strong woman does not wait for 30, 20, 10 years to speak up, she slaps him on the 1st bad touch… ”

As you go further to read it, it will portray a picture of vamp who first tries to fix her interests, and later tries to ruin a man’s reputation by putting up false allegations.

Oh come on…it’s not a movie….it’s real life, and in reality women are still living in a misogynist society, not only in India, but across the globe. Zeenat Aman, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan…aren’t they strong? And yet they faced all this, and spoke up only after some time.

Actually this issue is not so simple that it can be addressed only by talking about the ‘strength of women’; the problem / issue is far bigger. The problem is our patriarchy, and a deeply ingrained system which leaves no control with a woman. Every time when a female is misbehaved with, molested, raped, abused, this system has questioned only her, pointed fingers at her, shamed her, and tried to ruin her in all possible ways.

Yes she might have not slapped him but definitely would have shown her resistance in any way she could, and that is why today she is part of the campaign and giving it a voice. Moreover the idea is not only to voice ‘strong’ women’s suffering but those of all women, giving them a place to voice their abuse. And also understand this -even if you have slapped him, that will not keep you away from the trauma and suffering.

It’s sheer strength even to bear this trauma all alone for so long.

Sad is that it’s a system made by men only for men… yes things are changing, but the speed is questionable. A campaign like #metoo is symbolic of the change, and such articles are speed breakers for it.

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Slap does not symbolizes strength however what they are doing now is strength…come on voice it…no matter how old it is…it still requires courage and you are doing it…you can do it. Do not stop at speed brakers…continue…. Patriarchy needs to be broken.

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