Somy Ali’s Revelations About Abuse By Salman Again Brings Up This Question

The allegations made by Somy Ali against Salman Khan again bring up the question - shouldn't we separate art from the artist and penalise perpetrators for their actions?

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Let’s Look Beyond #MeToo ‘Coz It Hasn’t Really Worked For Indian Women Who Are Shamed But Perpetrators Roam Free…

India doesn’t lack stringent laws as it grants more legislative ammunition for women’s rights compared to even America, but lags terribly as mere legislation alone can’t address societal outlook and approach. Beyond #MeToo has answers.

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The Most Unforgettable Person For Me Is This Stranger I Encountered When I Was 13….

This incident happened with me when I was in school. I had relationships after that, I got married and had a child, but it still haunts me sometimes. It scarred me for life.

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Whose Shame Is It To Carry And To Deal With?

#MeToo has revealed many sexual predators. When their actions come to light, who carries the shame? This question was brought sharply to me recently because of the identity of one such man.

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How Do I Make A Cyber Crime Complaint? What Support Does Indian Law Provide To Women Survivors?
cyber crime complaint

One big concern today is the trolling and cyber crimes targeting women. How do you make a cyber crime complaint, and what should you know?

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#MeToo Not Just A Workplace Issue Says Sharon Stone; Regular Checks Essential In Schools
Sharon Stone

In two recent interviews, with CNN and with Oprah, actor Sharon Stone speaks of difficult topics that range from child sexual abuse, #MeToo, to her rising up from health issues.

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