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Just Another Rainy Day… But How Different It Was For Me And My Domestic Help!

While talking to her, Sia realised Meena looked a little worried, she could read her face easily. “All okay with you? Any problem you can always share with me? Did your husband say anything or it is something else?”

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Concluding June, The Month Of Love In Many Colours, With This…

It is a fight that I fight every day, and I get tired and dejected many a times. Won’t you be my friend? Stand up for me, speak for me and fight for me the days that I can’t?

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‘No Dowry, Only Gifts’ Is Just A New Face For An Old Tradition

“You are the first girl in the world who does not want to go. Almost all women have their first delivery at their mother’s house,” her mother-in-law tried to convince her.

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Meet Police Officer Rekha Mishra Who Has Rescued Over 1400 Missing Children!

A living example of determination and relentlessness Police Officer Rekha Mishra recently spoke to Women’s Web about her journey and her work.

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I Had To Choose Between Running In My Underwear And Missing My Flight!

The sliding doors were made of glass and had white curtains inside but... but... Why was there no latch to close the doors from inside?

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The Most Unforgettable Person For Me Is This Stranger I Encountered When I Was 13….

This incident happened with me when I was in school. I had relationships after that, I got married and had a child, but it still haunts me sometimes. It scarred me for life.

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Love Me Or Hate Me, You Can’t Ignore Me As I Claim My Identity!

From being a woman who was afraid of confrontation to asking for what I truly deserve, I have come a long way.

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Meet The Amazing, Inspiring Women Of Shark Tank India!

When I watched Shark Tank India, I was struck by the women on the show both as the judges (‘sharks’) and as the women aspirants.

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‘I Want Sex But I Won’t Ask For It…’

Why am I so hopelessly tongue-tied? Maybe it's the expectation that the guy always has to make the first move. If only we had an honest conversation once!

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Winter Wonderland & The Cold Hearted Husband!

Seeing her uninterested husband on their honeymoon, Rhea's hopes, aspirations and the future of her marriage looked bleak just like the dangerously cold world outside right now.

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What You Don’t Know About Women But You Should!

Dear women– I hope you enjoy reading this. Dear men– please take notes!

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beauty queens
So You Think All Miss Indias Join Bollywood? These Beauty Queens Chose Different Paths Like Writing & Even Joining The Army!

As we celebrate Harnaaz Sandhu bringing home the Miss Universe crown after 21 years, we look at former beauty queens pursuing interesting careers ranging from joining the army to writing books.

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Would You Wear Your House-Help’s Used Saree?

My house-help asked excitedly, “I am going for wedding. Can you let me wear your red & black saree? To be honest I was stumped for a moment; I didn’t know what to say but I still said yes.

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There Is No Place Like Home Except Nana-Nani’s House

Grandparents are nothing but a little bit of magic in this mundane world, they are the perfect blend of wonderful stories, happy memories, and oodles of love.

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usha chaumar
From Manual Scavenger To Padma Shri Recipient- The Inspiring Tale of Usha Chaumar!

Usha Chaumar worked as a manual scavenger since childhood, cleaning dirty latrines & picking up faeces.Today, the Padma Shri winner is President of Sulabh International NGO & travels the world advocating her cause.

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archie comics
Zoya Akhtar To Direct Indian Version Of Archie Comics. Suhana, Khushi Kapoor & Other Star Kids Rumoured To Play The Iconic Characters!

Most of us were fans of Archie comics in our teens. I hope the Indian version breaks stereotypes & is progressive. I'm already nostalgic while writing this & can’t wait to see the movie!

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falguni nayar
Woo Hoo! Falguni Nayar, Founder of Nykaa, Becomes India’s Richest Female Self-Made Billionaire!

Falguni Nayar started Nykaa when she was 50! They began with just 30 orders daily. Today she's India's richest self-made female entrepreneur!

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Tulasi Gowda
Tulasi Gowda, 77-Year-Old ‘Encyclopedia Of The Forest’ Came Bare-Foot To Receive Her Padma Shri!

Her pics, walking bare-foot in traditional Halakki tribal wear, have gone viral. Here's more on the inspiring Tulasi Gowda, who has planted 1 lakh trees and is known as the 'Tree Goddess'.

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Raising My Gen Alpha Child Like It Is The 90’s

We all have different childhood experiences and we are all raised in different ways but one thing that is common in all the 90’s kids is their ideals and their emotional attachment to an entire era. 

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Vicky Kaushal Proposed To Katrina With Brownies? Here’s More On Katrina, Alia & Patralekhaa’s Upcoming Weddings!

With the upcoming wedding of these gorgeous Bollywood actresses, we tell you how Vicky Kaushal proposed to Katrina, when Alia & Ranbir fell in love & Patralekhaa's first impression of Rajkummar Rao!

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air hostess
Heels & Short Skirts To Sneakers- The Air Hostess Uniform Is Experiencing Winds Of Change!

I have two sisters working as air hostess with an Indian airline. They talk about how uncomfortable they are on long flights with short skirts & heels!

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Kalki Koechlin
‘The Elephant In The Womb’ By Kalki Koechlin Is A Funny & Heart-Warming Pregnancy Book!

In the book, Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin mentions a funny incident where she ran between cars & broken pavements to reach her crying baby faster!

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the 90s
The 90s Kids Will Understand…Those Truly Were The Golden Days!

The 90s childhood was joyous-playing till late, 7 kids balancing on a cycle & falling down, collecting caterpillars & building bridges for frogs.

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house of secrets
Patriarchy-Power-Mental Health…Does ‘House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’ Throw A Light On Worrisome Traits Of The Typical Indian Family?

Hiding family issues to patriarchy, 'House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths' throws a light on several problematic aspects within the typical Indian family.   

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mother at 70
Courageous Or Unfair? Jivuben From Surat Stuns The World By Becoming A Mother At 70!

Jivuben, who became a mother at 70, travelled 150 kms twice a month for IVF procedures. It's a miracle, but there are Qs like who will raise the child as he grows?

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gender testing
Rashmi Rocket Explores The Unfair Practice Of ‘Gender Testing’ On Female Athletes!

Taapsee Pannu’s Rashmi Rocket highlights 'gender testing', a hormone test to check if the female athlete (esp if she excels) is a woman & not a man!  

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women employees
The Urban Company Protests Make Me Wonder: Don’t Women Employees Deserve Fair Pay & A Safe environment?

The 100 women employees protesting against Urban Company's poor working conditions & unfair trade practices, have thrown light on issues that keep women away from the workplace!  

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little brother
I Miss My Little Brother…I Wonder If He Was Possessed Or Had A Mental Condition?

When Dylan came home, I was happy I had a little brother. But soon, strange incidents began happening. No one could explain the hideous things he did or why he did them!

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dear daughter
Dear Daughter I Could Say You’re The Most Beautiful Girl In World, But Then I Would Be Lying!

Dear daughter, as I write this letter, I don’t want to call you beautiful or pretty. You did not choose the way you look today nor did you work towards it!

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best friend
My Best Friend Ruined My Life…Betrayal Always Comes From Those You Trust The Most!

The girl I thought was my best friend since childhood tried to ruin my life! It took me far too long to realise the damage she did and by then it was too late!

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two finger test
How Dare Authorities Tamper With Evidence & Subject Raped IAF Officer To The Two-Finger Test!

The woman IAF Officer, who was raped by a colleague, said she had to relive the trauma when subjected to the ‘Two Finger Test’. In her police complaint, the officer also said that she was questioned about her "sexual history".

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sneha dubey
Meet Sneha Dubey-India’s First Secretary At UN Whose Response To Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Has Gone Viral!

Sneha Dubey's speech was a befitting response to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan when she raised the issues of terrorism & Kashmir at the UN general assembly!

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Vidhie Mukerjea
‘I Began To Be Seen As The Child Of The Devil’ Vidhie Mukerjea Opens Up On Indrani Mukerjea & The Sheena Bora Murder Case!

In her book 'Devil's Daughter', Vidhie Mukerjea writes about the arrest of her mother Indrani Mukerjea for alleged murder of sister Sheena Bora which gripped the entire nation & created havoc in her life!

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Within Few Days Trolls Have Attacked Taapsee Pannu, Kareena Kapoor & Malaika Arora For Their Physical Appearance. Can We Leave Female Celebs Alone?

Trolls posted that Taapsee Pannu has a 'manly body', attacked Kareena on her birthday for her looks & made fun of Malaika's walk. Why's it always female celebs at the receiving end?

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Awaken The Entrepreneur In You…Here Are Easy Home Business Ideas You Can Start During Pandemic!

The pandemic crippled us in many ways, but also opened up opportunities. Here are some home business ideas that are simple & can be easily monetized!

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My Husband’s Death Left Me Penniless…With No Home, Would I Have to Sleep On the Road?

After my husband's death, my landlord kicked me out. I had to find a job but what would my resume say...housewife for 15 years?

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best friend
The Woman Who Messed Up My House & My Marriage

I was excited on my birthday! I had seen a gorgeous diamond necklace in Gautam's bag. Suddenly, a lady barged into the house & began throwing things around. 

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Dear Husband, Should You Get A Trophy For ‘Allowing’ Me To Live My Life?

I always encourage you and support you. You often keep saying that so many of your friends face restrictions from their in-laws and husbands but I always allow you to do what your heart pleases.

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men experience period pains
Ooh Aah Ouch…An NGO Put Men On A Machine To Make Them Experience Period Pains. Here Are Their Reactions!

What happens when men get to experience period pain? When an NGO set up this experiment, the reactions of men ranged from hilarious to thought-provoking!

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minor girlls
National Shame! Village Makes Minor Girls Parade Naked ‘To Appease Rain Gods’…

In a shameful incident, a village in MP made minor girls strip & parade naked to appease rain gods. When will these bizarre superstitions stop?

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Sidharth Shukla’s Death Is NOT Entertainment…Media Needs To Stop Hounding Shehnaaz Gill & Let Her Grieve!

Post Sidharth Shukla's demise, Shehnaaz Gill has been hounded by the media. Even his family is not spared. Celebs have spoken out & some quit social media. 

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Mickey Zaveri
My Name Is Mickey Zaveri; I Am 38 Years Of Age, And Gay

"My name is Mickey Zaveri, I am 38 years of age, and I am gay. This is my story." Read Mickey's story in the first person, as told by him.

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avni lekhara
‘I Want To Dedicate This Medal To The Entire Country.’ Avani Lekhara Won Gold At Tokyo Paralympics & Created History!

At 11, an accident left her with spinal cord disability. On August 30, Avani Lekhara became the 1st Indian woman to win gold at the Tokyo Paralympics!

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rape story 2
The Alleged Rape Victim, A Student, Set Herself Ablaze As There Was ‘No Hope For Justice’

The 24-yr-old had accused UP politician Atul Rai of rape. Despite threats, she continued her fight. Why is our nation failing its women again and again?

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neeraj chopra
It’s Not Ok To Objectify Neeraj Chopra Just Like It’s Not Ok To Sexualize Female Athletes!

A recent interview with Red FM's RJ Malishka dancing in front of an uncomfortable Neeraj Chopra has gone viral. Another interview by Navika Kumar congratulated girls as Neeraj Chopra was declared single. Why is the media interested in objectifying him, rather than talking about his achievements? 

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I Ran Away From Home, My Husband And My Child, And I Don’t Regret It

I didn’t want to hear anyone’s voices and see anyone’s face anymore! I removed my car from the parking lot and drove away. As far as I could get from everyone and from myself!

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“Father Doesn’t Own The Child To Dictate That She Should Use His Surname” Delhi HC

Which surname to use, and even whether a woman or a child must use a surname at all, should be made a choice. Because surnames are patriarchal - either father's or husband's.

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Her Regressive Family Killed Neha Coz She Dared To Stand Up To Them; Not Just Over Her Jeans!

17 year old Neha was killed by her grandfather and uncles in a mob murder, to 'teach her a lesson' for standing up to their diktats. It was not just over a pair of jeans.

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shilpa shetty
Truth Or Dare! Shilpa Shetty’s Police Statement: ‘I Don’t Ask My Husband What He Does & He Doesn’t Tell Me Anything About His Work.’

On Raj Kundra's involvement in porn case, Shilpa Shetty said she has "no idea about this". She's being trolled, but do wives know exact work-life of husbands? 

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Probably, Victoria’s Big Secret Was That She Preferred Comfy Yet ‘Boring’ Bras!

Home is where the bra isn’t necessary, and anyways who decided that women need to wear a bra all the time? Must be a man! Only they wouldn’t know the pain!

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One Bicycle And Five Friends On A Sunny Day

That one sunny day spent with childhood friends doing silly things can become a wonderful lifetime memory- an endearing personal story.

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If Food Was The Way To A Man’s Heart, I’d Have Asked Brad Pitt To Taste Mine, Duh!

The kitchen is just a room where you cook, and cooking is just a basic skill. You can do better than find flaws in someone's cooking; try appreciating the effort taken by someone to cook for you.

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When The Husband Wanted To Invest In An ‘India’s Porn Stars’ Venture!

“What are you thinking about? Any inputs? At least tell me what you think about my idea. I am very excited; I think we are going to hit the jackpot."

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SSC Results – India’s Obsession With Percentage

I don’t understand the Indian obsession with percentages and grades, everyone wants to know how much you got. Relatives who are never in touch, call to ask your childs grades and so do neighbors.

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My One True Love, The Thought Of You Gives Me Goosebumps

You were there with me when I was happy and celebrated my success. You’ve seen me cry, in pain, and helped me through the worst times of my life. I wouldn’t have made it without you!

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How Much Gold Will Guarantee Your Daughter A Happy Married Life? Safety?

A family who has makes demands without any regard for your financial condition or your troubles, will never be satiated. It doesn’t matter how many tolas of gold you give.

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She Was Going To Come Home Soon, But…

I sat on the bed all confused. I couldn’t get myself to reality. It was such a beautiful dream and it all seemed so real. I wanted to sleep again. At least that way I could hear her voice.

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Periods – Let’s Make It The New Normal!

We are still depicting period blood as blue, wrapping sanitary napkins and tampons in newspapers at medical stores, the sheer reluctance to even use the word period.

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My Toddler Has Selective Hearing When It Comes To Me… What About Yours?

You would think your child would listen when you raise your voice, but it turns out they have a louder voice, a care-two-hoots attitude, and let's not forget the tantrums.

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I’m A Wife & Mom But YES I Want My Share In The Last Piece Of Cake!

Being a 'sacrificial lamb' will not increase your self-worth. Claim your rightful place in your family as an equal member, and don't let them take you for granted. 

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Summarising India’s Current COVID situation

The past few weeks have been turbulent and traumatising. We've been feeling so helpless and overwhelmed, but even now, there is hope.

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bodies in the Ganga
With COVID There’s No Respite In Life And No Dignity In Death; How Did We Get Here?!

Who is accountable for all the loss of life and human dignity in this second wave of COVID that could have been managed better?

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