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The Woman Who Messed Up My House & My Marriage

I was excited on my birthday! I had seen a gorgeous diamond necklace in Gautam's bag. Suddenly, a lady barged into the house & began throwing things around. 

I was excited on my birthday! I had seen a gorgeous diamond necklace in Gautam’s bag. Suddenly, a lady barged into the house & began throwing things around. 

My darling husband has left for work early today so that he can be home on time for my special birthday dinner. I can’t wait to spend a romantic evening with him!

The restaurant reservations are already made and I have picked out my birthday dress, a navy blue off-shoulder dress that will accentuate my face and collar bones. I do not plan on wearing any jewellery because I know what my big surprise birthday gift is!

I know I should not have seen it but I happened to come across it yesterday when I was removing the tiffin from my husband Gautam’s bag and I haven’t been able to control my excitement since. At the bottom of the bag was a velvet box with a card on top, “A Gift for My One True Love.”

I resisted the temptation but I opened it eventually, the most splendid diamond necklace stared back at me! I wanted to jump, dance, and run to hug my husband but instead, I closed the box and kept it back in the bag. I couldn’t wait for Gautam to give it to me the next day and I was looking forward to seeing how he would surprise me.

This necklace was not just a sign of his love for me but it was also a reaffirmation of our relationship and marriage. It has been four years since our marriage. We used to work in the same office and we fell madly in love. The first time I saw him at my job interview, I fell for him head over heels.

I couldn’t imagine my life without him! It took some time but he soon reciprocated my love and despite our families not agreeing we still got married.

He stood up for me and was always there by my side. His family stopped talking to him after our marriage but he never blamed it on me. We created our own happily ever after! Cut off from the rest of the world, just me and him together forever!

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Every paradise sometimes has trouble and so did ours! Off late Gautam had been detached, he used to work long hours at the office and was always busy with his laptop. He ignored me and used to pick up frequent fights on mundane issues.

Sometimes I felt so lonely and alone! Whom do you go to when the only person in the world who loves you and understands you suddenly isolates you?

Last night when I saw the necklace and note in his bag, I realized not all is lost. I used to work with him in the same office so I understand the pressure he goes through. I think I was quick to judge and now I am quick to forgive!

I had my salon appointment in an hour so I decided to get ready for it. After all, it is my birthday and I have to look perfect!

Just as I was getting ready, the doorbell rang. I wondered who it would be, I was already so late and now I would be delayed. I opened the door and there stood a lady in her late thirties. It was an unfamiliar face and I didn’t remember seeing her before in the building.

She was slim and had a chiselled face with deep brown eyes. She was polished in her mannerisms and looked very graceful.

“Hi, I am Anya. Can I come in?” she asked me.

“I am sorry but do I even know you?” I replied.

“You’ll soon know me very well! I think we need to talk!” Anya said.

I was running late and did not have the time for conversations. I had a big day planned ahead of me. What would she want anyway? I was sure she had come to sell some product or insurance and I was not interested.

I told her politely, ”I am sorry but I have to leave now. You can come back again tomorrow and we can talk about whatever product you want to sell but now is not the right time!”

She pushed me aside with all her force and barged into the house! I was shell shocked, I did not know how to react and I stood dumbfounded looking at her. My mind was blank as I watched her enter my house and start throwing things around.

I was scared to stop her, I wondered if she was armed, I ran towards my phone and called the number on my speed dial. Gautam’s office was just ten minutes away. I cried in a muffled voice out of terror asking him to rush home soon and hung up fast, I didn’t want her to know I made the call.

I asked her what she wanted and told her that there is no money or valuables at home in case she was looking for it, but she was so enraged that she didn’t even look at me.

I saw her enter the kitchen, pull out all the kitchen drawers and throw all the utensils on the floor. I wondered what kind of thief entered the kitchen first. I could see all my fine crockery broken into pieces as it lay on the floor, all I could think was who is going to set this kitchen all over again when this is over!

She rushed into our bedroom like she already knew which one it was. She opened the cabinets, removed all my clothes, and threw them on the bed. I stood frozen in stunned silence trying to make sense of the situation-too scared to move and too scared to speak!

A pile of my clothes now lay on the bed. I wondered if Gautam had already left, I couldn’t wait for him to get home and save me from this mad woman and the mess she was creating. I could see my house getting ramshackle but I realized my life was more important. If the lady was armed then I could lose my life, I was not prepared for that.

Although I could not figure out what she wanted. It seemed like one of those movie scenes when you suddenly realize your husband is a secret agent and has a parallel life that you are not remotely aware of.

Maybe she was looking for a secret stash or some secret file that was hidden because clearly, she wasn’t looking for valuables. How stupid was I to even think about such random thoughts in the middle of such a serious situation! “Grow up Nikita,” I said to myself.

Just then I could hear Gautam entering the house. I heaved a sigh of relief and I ran to hug him. I held him so tight that he was almost out of breath, I felt safe and secure! I knew everything would be okay now.

“This lady is crazy, babe! She calls herself Anya and she barged into our house. She could be armed, please be careful. I don’t know how we can get her out, I am really scared.”

Gautam looked flabbergasted and stunned, he looked at the state of the house and the woman ripping it apart piece by piece. By now Anya was picking up my clothes and throwing them out of the main door.

Thankfully we had one single flat on a floor else this would have been a big scene. But the flipside was that because we were the only ones, no one realized I needed help and came to my aid.

Gautam held the woman’s hand and finally stopped her, “What do you think you are doing?”

My knight in shining armor was here to save me! 

“We spoke about this, didn’t we? I told you, let’s wait for a good opportunity then why did you have to do this?” he said to Anya.

Gautam’s words echoed in my ears. I was shocked; I did not know what was happening! It only meant that they knew each other, and I was the fool in this entire situation.

Anya replied, “I’ve waited long enough! Not anymore! Why can’t you just tell her the truth and save everyone the trouble? I thought we loved each other! Why do we need to hide it?”

Gautam was quiet as he looked at me. He had no remorse on his face! At that moment I realized what a fool I had been! The necklace also wasn’t for me. Stupid me! Getting all excited about my birthday and a diamond necklace that my husband got for some other woman.

It suddenly came all back to me. He wasn’t interested in me anymore and loved this other woman. God knows how long he had been cheating on me with her. I never said it aloud but that was my biggest insecurity, being cheated on!

Gautam was good-looking, he was a gentleman and was well-settled, the perfect catch. Women used to fall for him all the time but this time around he had fallen for some woman!

I was in tears, my heart was in pain and I could feel all my dreams shattered at that moment. I was running to the ends of my heart seeking answers, “Where did I go wrong? Was my love not enough? Why is this happening to me?

All I wanted was the truth. Don’t I deserve it? I want to know how my husband fell in love with another woman, I want to know the lies he told her about our marriage and I want to know why I deserved this from the man I loved the most in the world!”

Anya looked at me in triumph, she knew she had won and everything that was mine would be hers now. My marriage is over! Even a fool could see that and there was nothing I could do to save it. I could see the love in Gautam’s eyes for Anya, he was smitten by her.

“So how does Nikita feel?” she asked me.

“I have taken over your house, please leave right now with all your belongings or I might just burn them down! I don’t even want to see your face anymore! Gautam should have told you by now but I don’t know why he didn’t. I gave him enough time but not anymore.

I thought why not give you a surprise birthday gift. I’ve got the biggest return gift on your birthday, the love of your husband who will soon be your ex-husband.”

Gautam handed over the divorce papers to me, he had already signed them. I had no option but to sign it, I had no fight left in me after being humiliated so badly.

I packed my bags while Anya and Gautam waited for me to leave. I was heartbroken and dejected! My world crashed in a single moment.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish” I could hear Anya say out loud to Gautam.

Just before leaving I gathered some courage and asked Gautam, ”Why did you do this? Was our love not enough for you? I am a woman who will not beg for your love, my self-respect is very important to me but you do owe me an answer.

Our life was perfect and I thought our love was forever, but I was living in an illusion. I need to know why?”

Anya replied instead of Gautam, “Let me tell you, didn’t I ask you to let me come in and have a chat with you? But you had to keep arguing so I lost it! I should not have behaved this way but I can’t help it, I hate you from the core of my being. You stole my husband from me; my kids were left orphaned without a father.”

“It is not me but you who is the uninvited guest! The one who created havoc in our happily married life. You seduced my husband and married him, you cut him off from his family and children. You ruined my marriage of ten years and pushed my life into a mess. I just messed up your house and you felt so flustered! Imagine how you messed up my life and pushed us into chaos! How much have I felt?”

“Gautam has finally realized his folly and is back with his family. You didn’t even want to know my name when you broke my house, but here I am today. Finally claiming back all that was mine!”

Nikita froze as she ruminated about her past, Gautam had pushed his wife and children out of the house for her. He had insulted Anya and called her names in front of their children.

She had successfully sown the seeds of hate for his wife and children, she remembered how she pursued a married man. She remembered how she slowly planned her entry into his house and his heart five years ago, and finally settled down into marital bliss oblivious of all the harm she had caused Anya.

Anya was right! She wasn’t the uninvited guest but I was! It is true when they say ‘Karma hits you when you least expect it.’

I deserved this after all the wrong I had done. It was best for me to walk away and consider it as my repentance! I would forever live with this guilt! I lost the love of my life but he was never mine to lose in the first place!

Gautam finally asked Anya, “Why did you make all this mess? I was going to tell her today as we discussed. Don’t you believe me? I have changed and I am all yours till the end of time! I made a big mistake and paid a huge price for it, I should have never left you and our children! Only I know how much I regretted it every day for the last four years we were apart. I knew I wanted you back so I asked you for forgiveness and another chance. I also know it is difficult to believe me after what I have done to you but there is something that might help you regain your trust back.”

He walked up to his bag and removed the beautiful diamond necklace and gave it to Anya, ”I was planning on giving this to you this weekend, but why wait! Also, there is something else-I’ve transferred the house and business to your name just as you asked. Now I am all here for you and our children. I know we can work this out and rebuild the life we lost. As long as we have each other, we have everything!”

Anya looked at him in awe! Finally, her husband was back, she spent so many years in distress and had struggled to provide the best for her children with the limited means she had.

“I think you should also pack your bags and leave Gautam! Don’t forget you are standing in my house now!” Anya replied nonchalantly.

Gautam didn’t understand what happened, ”What do you mean Anya?”

Anya was cool and composed, “What did you think, Gautam? Did you expect me to forget everything that happened? Only I know the struggles I had to go through to feed and educate our kids for these last four years. When you came back, I decided that I had to make you realize how it feels when your trust is broken.”

“It was long over for me Gautam and now it is over for you too!”

“Hope you have a good life!”

Image source: Still from De De Pyaar De 

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