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Anjali Paul

I am a mom who works from home and dabbles with writing when time permits.An avid reader since childhood, blogging and writing helps me de-stress.My five year old keeps me on my toes the whole day and now, multi taking seems to be a quality that i can enlist in my resume in bold letters.Reading the newspaper frustrates me and makes me want to scream.Knowing that there are several disturbing incidents happening all over the nation that i have no control over, I chose to start my first blog to express my thoughts https://anjalipaulblog.wordpress.com/.Its pure bliss to watch my son grow, which seems to be happening a tad too fast.Motherhood has helped me unfold several facets in my personality, mostly good ;) , which I hope to share with all of you through this blog.

Voice of Anjali Paul

Why Was ‘Sahab’ Burning His Hand In The Kitchen Such A Big Deal?

After my husband burnt his hand, I went on to his office to check on how he was doing. But I wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead for me.

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I Won’t Have My In Laws Foisting Their Religious Identity On My Son, When They Couldn’t Accept Me

A mother decides to stake her first claim on the son born to her in an interfaith marriage; with her in laws wanting to claim their 'heir' through religious ceremonies.

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You Have Come To See The Wrong Girl Then, Mister!

‘That’s the way women like it’, his father had told him. The first rule to find a good bride for yourself is to be well groomed, papa kept reminding him, whenever he would occasionally skip his bath or not shave.

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Yes, I Am A Zeta Male. And No, It Doesn’t Make Me Less Of A Man

If only they knew what the life of a stay at home parent entails! But we take it with a pinch of salt. It isn't for them to decide how we live, is it?

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Bell Bajao

Whenever we hear any sound like that of hitting and shouting from their house, one of us will ring the doorbell and ask something. It can be anything, like what is the time? Or is water coming?

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When You Are A Meat Eating Woman In India!

In a country that has a majority of meat eaters, it’s high time we stop policing food choices and stop perpetuating food stereotypes. Especially if they are gender based, like "women are usually vegetarian".

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My Retired Dad, The Unexpected & Enthusiastic Masterchef, Is An Inspiration

My dad has taken to the kitchen after his retirement, something that surprised me initially as unlike that I've seen in any men, but I love these winds of change!

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When My Husband And I Were Denied A Hotel Room Because Of Different Last Names

A boorish hotel receptionist wouldn't give us a room even though we were travelling with our child, just because our IDs did not show the same last names.

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Why Do Women Have Such A Problem With The Sabarimala Verdict?

The recent Sabarimala verdict allowing women to enter Sabarimala is being strongly protested by many women! Anjali Paul examines why women have such a problem with a tradition being changed.

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SAHM depression
Do You Feel Isolated & Depressed As A SAHM? Find Your Mojo Back With These 6 Things

A stay at home mom can lose herself in the daily rush of being a new mom, and end up with SAHM depression. But a friend  here tells momma what she can do that'll help.

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