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I am a mom who works from home and dabbles with writing when time permits.An avid reader since childhood, blogging and writing helps me de-stress.My five year old keeps me on my toes the whole day and now, multi taking seems to be a quality that i can enlist in my resume in bold letters.Reading the newspaper frustrates me and makes me want to scream.Knowing that there are several disturbing incidents happening all over the nation that i have no control over, I chose to start my first blog to express my thoughts pure bliss to watch my son grow, which seems to be happening a tad too fast.Motherhood has helped me unfold several facets in my personality, mostly good ;) , which I hope to share with all of you through this blog.

Voice of Anjali Paul

When You Are A Meat Eating Woman In India!

In a country that has a majority of meat eaters, it’s high time we stop policing food choices and stop perpetuating food stereotypes. Especially if they are gender based, like "women are usually vegetarian".

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My Retired Dad, The Unexpected & Enthusiastic Masterchef, Is An Inspiration

My dad has taken to the kitchen after his retirement, something that surprised me initially as unlike that I've seen in any men, but I love these winds of change!

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When My Husband And I Were Denied A Hotel Room Because Of Different Last Names

A boorish hotel receptionist wouldn't give us a room even though we were travelling with our child, just because our IDs did not show the same last names.

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Why Do Women Have Such A Problem With The Sabarimala Verdict?

The recent Sabarimala verdict allowing women to enter Sabarimala is being strongly protested by many women! Anjali Paul examines why women have such a problem with a tradition being changed.

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SAHM depression
Do You Feel Isolated & Depressed As A SAHM? Find Your Mojo Back With These 6 Things

A stay at home mom can lose herself in the daily rush of being a new mom, and end up with SAHM depression. But a friend  here tells momma what she can do that'll help.

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