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What Is The Validity Of A Driving Licence For Older Women In India?

A driving license is a necessary government-approved ID proof, but it has an expiry date. Here we will discuss the validity of a driving licence for older women in India and how to renew it. 

A driving license is a necessary government-approved ID proof, but it has an expiry date. Driving a vehicle with an expired license can invite huge fines. Hence, one should ensure its renewal happens on or before its expiry date. However, the renewal process for people above 60 years is slightly different. Here we will discuss the validity of a driving licence for older women in India and how to renew it.

Is the validity of a driving license for an older woman and a man in India different?

It is a myth, there are no separate rules for women and men when it comes to driving laws in India. It is a misinformation, that the age of licenses expiration for women is 60 and men 65.

 The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 states that:

  • If applied before 30 years of age, a driver’s license is valid until the age of 40.
  • It is valid for ten years if applied between 30 and 50 years. And if applied from 50 to 55 years of age, it is valid until the person turns 60.
  •  After the age of 55 years, it is valid for five years.

Please note that there is no mention of gender here; hence, the same rules apply to the validity of driving licenses for older women and men in India.

What is the process of driving license renewal after 60 years of age?

After a person crosses 60 years, the driving license renewal needs to be done every 3- 5 years. You can go to the government’s Sarathi Parivahan website and submit a renewal application online.

According to the website, it will consider an application for renewal not more than one month before the date of expiry of the license.

If the application is submitted late, more than five years after its expiry, the applicant will have to go through all the formalities once again to obtain a new license.

Additionally, the person may be required to submit a medical certificate. The certificate will declare whether the applicant has any issues that could interfere with their driving skills, like vision-related defects, deafness, night blindness etc.

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The remaining process will be the same as a regular application for a driving license renewal.

How to stop the expiration of the validity of a driving licence

Steps for getting a medical certificate for a driver’s license before it expires

You can quickly get the driver’s license renewal medical form from the RTO office or the Sarathi Parivahan website if you want to opt for the online mode. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the site named
  • Download the form and take a printout.
  • Fill in the details and take it to a medical practitioner
  • The medical practitioner will administer a test and sign the driver’s license renewal medical certificate if you meet all the necessary criteria.
  • Then submit the certificate to the RTO or online on the same website.


A driving license is a mandatory requirement for driving a vehicle legally. By keeping the points mentioned above in mind, driving will become hassle-free, as you now know the validity of a driver’s license for older women in the country and how to go about its renewal when it expires.

Image Source: Sinder Stroms from Pexels, sonamabcd from pixabay free on Canva Pro

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