18 Best Film Industry Jobs In India For The Creative Souls!

Learn about the best film industry jobs in India, along with the duties and responsibilities of each role, right here!

Do you love films and filmmaking, and want to work in the entertainment industry, but know not which profession you belong to? Learn about the best film industry jobs in India, along with the duties and responsibilities of each role, right here.

Nowadays, when one contemplates which career to choose after their schooling, they have a plethora of options at hand. Today’s children are no longer making traditional choices of engineering or MBBS.

Some of my friend’s children surprised us with their unconventional decisions when they opted for interesting courses like mass communication and film studies. A recent discussion with these kids on some of the best careers in the film industry was genuinely enlightening. If you too are keen to be part of this exciting industry, then read on!

Best film industry jobs are:

If you want to pursue performance and acting:

If you have a passion for acting and can make a script come to life with your performances, then you can try your hand at acting. There are different types of actors, and you can choose the category that you feel suits you the best. Some of them are:

  • Main Cast Members

These include the actors that are part of the cast and portray the main characters in the films. If you want to become an actor, then you need to spend a reasonable amount of time researching the character and memorizing the script. Creating an emotional and mental connection with the character will help you successfully bring forth the character to life on screen.

  • Background Actors

They basically comprise actors that may not necessarily have any dialogues but are part of the cast to enhance the feel of the production. They help movies and other productions feel more authentic. After all, scenes involving hospitals, concerts or a busy street would not look real if not for the presence of background actors.

  • Stunt Coordinators

You will be responsible for managing stunt actors, choreographing stunt sequences and training actors to perform stunts. They are also responsible for casting the appropriate stunt actors suitable for the job.  A stunt coordinator works closely with the director to ensure each stunt is performed as per the vision of the production, while maintaining the safety of the cast and crew involved.

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  • Casting Director

The primary role of the casting director is to carry out auditions and screen the candidates in order to hire the best talent for the film. They act as a liaison between the director and producer. Casting directors make sure that everything they do stays within the limits of the casting budget allocated for them.

 If you want to be part of the production department:

  • Film Directors

If you have leadership qualities and want to be the next Steven Spielberg or Shyam Benegal, then being a film director could be one of the best careers in the film industry for you. They often instruct actors during scenes and collaborate with different departments to get the perfect shot.

  • Producers

A producer of a film is equivalent to the COO of a company. They are the head of film production and need to ensure everything is organized and runs without a hitch. A producer can help the screenwriter develop and write a script, be involved in budgeting, hire a crew and do everything needed to produce a blockbuster film.

  • Screenwriters

If you are creative and have a way with words, then you can be a screenwriter, that involves creating the entire concept of the film. It also involves creating character dialogues for the film. Screenwriting is one of the most sought after film industry jobs in India.

If you want to be a part of the camera department:

  • Cinematographer

A cinematographer is generally considered the head of the film crew. They make use of their creative and technical knowledge to give life to a director’s vision in an organized and planned manner. They are responsible for choosing the colour palette, camera movements and lighting that go according to the theme of the story.

  • Camera Operators

A camera operator is primarily responsible for capturing what is in front of the camera. They employ various filmmaking techniques to make the film a visual delight, making it one of the best careers in the film industry. They need to be well-versed in using various technical equipment like portable, electronic and remote-controlled cameras.

  •  Film Editor

A film editor works with the director to edit and clip the entire footage captured through the camera. It is one of the crucial parts of filmmaking, as an editor needs to find a way to create a captivating story.

If your interest lies in the sound department:

  • Sound Designer

A sound designer takes care of the audio and sounds recorded during film production. They add sound effects or music to specific scenes to enhance their feel and improve the aesthetics. Sound designers work on deadlines that give them the flexibility to manage their schedules and allow them to take on multiple projects at once.

  •  Foley Engineers

Foley artists are those professionals that create various sound effects like footsteps, creaking of the floor, heavy rain and other sounds to accompany the footage. Foley engineers are responsible for incorporating these sound effects created by foley artists so that the audience can hear everything recorded during the filming process.

 If you want to be part of the lighting department:

  • Gaffer

A gaffer is essentially the head of the lighting team and creates adequate lighting in the preproduction phase. They work quickly to adjust the lighting in different scenes and help create cinematic visuals through the light setups.

  • Key Grip

The key grip is responsible for the overall hiring of the lighting and rigging crews required for film production. They ensure that the film sets are built safely. Key grips direct the crew of grips, many with specialized skills like dolly grips, crane operators or other special equipment operators.

 If you are good at makeup or costume designing

  • Makeup Artists

A makeup artist is responsible for creating different characters’ looks, including special effects. They need to be able to work long hours, as this type of work will involve long shifts to create the desired look for the actors.

  •  Hairdresser

They assist costume designers and makeup artists in creating an authentic look for the various characters in the film. Furthermore, they experiment with wigs, hair extensions and even special effects to make the look convincing. A hairdresser may have to create several styles throughout the day and will have to be available while actors are shooting.

  • Costume Designer

As a costume designer, you will have to create and develop the costumes and looks for the characters in the film. Before you start, you will have to read the script and create a mood board that will have to be approved by the film director. A relevant degree in fashion design or work experience in a fashion outlet will help you clinch this job easily.

  • Props Manager

If you have an excellent eye for detail and organizational skills, then being a prop manager could be a good career option. You will be responsible for sourcing the props that the actors will use throughout the film. These props will need to be stored appropriately and in good condition to be available throughout the entire duration of the film shoot.

Final thoughts

While a career in the film industry may not be ideal for all, there are numerous jobs available for different personality types, suitable for both introverts and extroverts.

With this list of best careers in the film industry, you can now get a good idea of which role will suit your personality and interests. Networking is also a great way to get into the film industry. So, work on making contacts and become a part of this exciting world of films.

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