7 Second Career For Women Options, Especially Humanities & Non-Tech Graduates

Check out these great options for a second career for women graduates from Humanities, who have taken a break from their careers.

Many women are breaking the glass ceiling and carving a niche for themselves in almost every industry, there are also several women who have had to give up their jobs for various reasons. Reasons ranging from motherhood, taking care of ageing parents or even moving to a new location after marriage often make a woman opt for a career break. What they need is a good second career career for women.

Thankfully, there are return-to-work programs for humanities students and those from other streams offered by some of the leading companies in the country that aim to help women re-enter the workforce after a long hiatus in their careers.

As a woman married to an army officer, I gave up my job in a five-star hotel to accompany my husband on his various postings. It was a heartbreaking decision, but I do not regret it, as I got to spend quality time with my husband and my child.

Now that my husband is on a field posting where families are not permitted, and my child is grown up, I look forward to taking up a job again.

During my job-hunting process, I came across numerous return-to-work programs offered by companies for women with a technical background. But I was looking for a return-to-work program for humanities students like me.

To make your job easier, I have listed the best ideas I’ve found for a second career for women.

A second career for women from humanities and other backgrounds with return-to-work programs

Many women want to re-enter the workforce, but are often doubtful or confused about how to go about it. Moreover, many may even be reluctant to return to work, thinking that a gap in their résumé will not help them fetch a job on par with their qualifications.

Fortunately, things are changing now, with several organizations launching return-to-work programs for humanities women graduates and women of other backgrounds that serve as an ideal launch pad for a second career for women.

These programs allow you to start from where you left off rather than start from scratch. It helps re-introduce you to your previous role and understand its requirements. Apart from that, it also enables you to catch up with all the changes that happened in your absence.

Things to keep in mind before trying for a second career for women

Be honest about your career gap

If you are looking at options for a second career for women, there is no need to hide your career gap. Whether it was to take care of your child or a 6-month sabbatical, be honest about it. LinkedIn now gives a career break option you can fill in when you list your credentials – just be ready to answer questions, and be open and transparent when asked about the gap.

When asked, convey everything positively about your break, and do not be apologetic or embarrassed about your career gap. Be confident and do not think you are not as fit, qualified or capable as the next candidate just because you have not been working continuously.

Revamp your resume

Your confidence should also be visible in your resume. Ensure your resume consists of current terminologies relevant to your industry and emphasize any previous skill sets still in demand.

For this, you can go through the job qualifications on a job portal like Naukri to understand what employers are looking for and how it aligns with your experience.

Then redo your resume accordingly. You can also list your accomplishments that happened during your break. Activities like volunteering, any certifications, or freelance assignments are worth mentioning in your resume.

Prepare for your interviews

A lot can happen in an industry over a few months, let alone years. You do not want to appear clueless about the latest developments during your interview, so do your homework and ensure you are updated about all that’s happening in your industry.

Rebuild your network

If you were too busy during your career gap and were unable to keep in touch with your professional network, now is the time to do so. You can either meet up with your old acquaintances offline or follow new people online on platforms like LinkedIn.

Now let’s look at some of the top return-to-work programs that offer a second career for women from humanities and other non-tech backgrounds.

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