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Tips & Resources for women resuming careers after a break
Are Return-To-Work Programs A Success Or A Task? Here’s The Insider View

Drawing from the roundtable ‘Return-to-Work: A Success Or Task?”, HR experts and D & I Leaders discuss the efficiency of return-to-work programs in relaunching women’s careers after a break.

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I Was Always Good At What I Did, You Just Never Saw It!

The job hunt was a gauntlet of soul-crushing rejections. Each "No" landed like a punch, but Kashish stood her ground, unyielding.

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It’s Ok To Be An Ordinary Woman, To Refuse The ‘Superwoman’ Label!

This was the first time her mother had spoken at length about her post-partum days to Sheila. Everyone knew her mother as a strong woman, an achiever, a dedicated teacher and a good mother.

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10 Challenges A Career Oriented Indian Woman Certainly Faces At Some Time
Hey Ladies, are you doing what you dream of doing? Or are you just looking back?

By incorporating discussions and lessons about the challenges and experiences of women on career breaks, the education system can foster greater awareness and empathy among students, leading to more inclusive attitudes and behaviours.

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Akanksha Kapoor On Going From Journalism To A Worthy Social Cause
Akanksha Kapoor

Akanksha Kapoor began her career as a journalist but over the years she has changed tracks to now work for a social cause.

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10 Ways How To Restart A Career After A Long Break
10 Ways How To Restart A Career After A Long Break

Are you thinking of rejoining the work force but are confused! Here are 10 ways how to restart career after long break!

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