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Tips & Resources for women resuming careers after a break
I Will NOT Let My Dreams Be Silenced, I Will NOT Be Stopped!

Technical concepts came so naturally to those young workers. It was hard for me. I wanted to prove, not just to the world, but to myself, that I could do this.

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It’s Never Too Late To Start Something New, Especially A Career!

As a child, I wondered why my mother's friend, with a Bachelor's in Education and at the age of 55, had so much enthusiasm for teaching while many others had given up.

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An Indian Woman’s Guide To Career Breaks And Beyond
An Indian Woman's Guide To Career Breaks And Beyond

Balancing work and family as a woman is hard in India. Here are 7 insightful tips for juggling work and life dualities effectively.

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5 Steps For Women Looking To Re-Enter The Workforce
5 Steps For Women Looking To Re-Enter The Workforce

Embarking on a new career journey after a hiatus involves a blend of excitement and challenges. Here are 5 steps for women looking to re-enter the workforce.

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Are Return-To-Work Programs A Success Or A Task? Here’s The Insider View

Drawing from the roundtable ‘Return-to-Work: A Success Or Task?”, HR experts and D & I Leaders discuss the efficiency of return-to-work programs in relaunching women’s careers after a break.

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I Was Always Good At What I Did, You Just Never Saw It!

The job hunt was a gauntlet of soul-crushing rejections. Each "No" landed like a punch, but Kashish stood her ground, unyielding.

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