It’s Never Too Late To Start Something New, Especially A Career!

As a child, I wondered why my mother's friend, with a Bachelor's in Education and at the age of 55, had so much enthusiasm for teaching while many others had given up.

I remember one of my mother’s friends, who at the ripe age of fifty-five, had gone ahead and completed not only her graduation in Law but also a Bachelor’s in Education. Even as a kid at that time, I wondered what it was that gave her so much enthusiasm when almost everyone gave up! I could not find an answer at that time, but now I think that I can comprehend it and appreciate it. Kudos to her!

Life is indeed a big journey. We have to pass through many ups and downs on this voyage, especially women. We have so many things to cater to, so many social traditions to follow, so many compromises to be made, and so many people for whom we have to think and adjust.

While caring and considering everyone and their desires, careers, and social responsibilities, women often forget what they wanted, what they yearned and longed for. Their desires frequently get crumpled under the weight of everything else.

Now that, children are all grown up, time to focus on yourself

Yes, it is true that when children are small, they need a lot of attention, care, and time. Mostly, the careers of ladies are sacrificed because of that. However, when the children get slightly older, there is suddenly so much time available. At that point, I have seen so many of my friends wondering what to do. Most of them feel that it is too late for a career.

And then, most of the time is spent watching television, attending kitty parties, or in dejection and cribbing, which is the worst. I don’t say that watching television or attending kitty parties once in a while is bad. It is indeed a great occasion to mix and exchange views and ideas.

But, certainly, not all the time. Especially when that time could be better utilized.

What should you do?

Wondering what can be done? Well, there are thousands of paths available. Just let your hair down and let your thoughts flow. What was it that always excited you? Did you have a passion that you could not pursue? Did you desire to follow a career? Does the condition of the country upset you, and do you feel that you have ideas for improvement in your way? Does it hurt you when you see someone hungry?

Just think about what you want to do. If there is more than one idea, concentrate on the one which seems to touch you the most.

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Here are some of the options available:

  • Do you already have a professional degree that you could not utilize because of some compulsions? ‘Now’ is the time to go ahead with it. If there is a feeling that you might have forgotten all about it, just brush up.
  • Things learned at younger ages are rarely completely forgotten. You will be amazed to understand how much of it you have retained! Maybe you won’t get as high a salary as you would have been getting if you had stayed in the field, but then is it only the salary you are working for? As one progresses, the salaries also increase.

The winner is obviously the mind, which finds peace.

Don’t hesitate to take the next step

Was there always a desire or pursue a professional degree that you could not do at that time? Why not do it now? Yes, now is the moment. Do not feel shy to share the classroom space with youngsters. If one wishes to learn, age just does not matter. Quest, hard work, and perseverance do.

Teaching is one of the noblest jobs. With so many other options available, good students hardly enter this field these days, least understanding how much good one can do for society by moulding young brains in a proper direction.

Ask anyone, including yourselves. No one forgets the good teachers who taught you in school. The respect for such teachers always remains, whatever one may become. Teachers not only carve the brains, they carve the entire nation.

Rediscover your passion

Was there a passion such as painting, writing, singing, dancing, candle making, or acting that always made you go crazy? Now is the time to follow it to a rightful end. With time, experience builds up, giving the above forms of art a new dimension.

One of my friends, although an engineer by profession, decided to follow her heart and pursue silver jewellery design. She started in a very small way, but her business is growing by leaps and bounds, simply because she works more for passion than for money.

Another friend restarted painting after a long gap. However, she soon had her exhibition which was well appreciated and is now deep down into it, having carved out her niche in the field. There are so many avenues available – I feel there is no end for someone with desire.

Do you feel that you can contribute a little to make society a better place to live in? Yes, of course, you can! There are ways and ways available. Someone with acute desire can join politics. Or, if you do not like working with politicians, you can start an NGO for issues such as child education, girl children, street children, orphanages, old age homes, etc. And no, even starting an NGO is not a necessity.

One can always work with the already known good NGOs. All NGOs require a variety of people – accountants, marketing people, liaison personnel, good organizers, cooks, and those having computer experience – the list is quite long indeed.

Pick a craft that you can improve with practice and teach

Do you love things such as cooking, stitching, embroidering, knitting, etc. which are normally the high points of all ladies in general?

If you do not wish to go a big way about anything – just start in a small way by coaching small students around for an hour or two. The time demanded for this is quite less and the satisfaction enormous. And it can be done sitting at home.

The rate of illiteracy in our country is so high that wherever you go, you will find so many people eager to learn, but who cannot due to the dearth of time or lack of money. Your maid, your milkman, your child’s rickshaw Walla, your dhobi – so many people around you belong to this category.

Why not teach them simple reading and writing?


I have just listed a few things that can be done to keep oneself occupied and busy, and also earn a little in the process. Of course, in reality, the list is much larger than that listed above.

Following a passion gives a lot of satisfaction to an individual, and a satisfied individual is certainly a better individual, spreading cheerfulness and gaiety all around. It is also a means to streamline the negative thoughts that often occupy the brains like a parasite, destroying everything around them.

An optimistic person is an asset not only to the family but to the entire society, for the individual radiates positivity, making the world a better place to live in.

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