10 Gap Year Programs That Graduates Can Pursue In India

Are you thinking of taking a break after graduation? Here is a list of 10 Gap Year Programs that graduates can pursue in India!

Here is a list of 10 gap year programs that graduates can pursue in India.

A gap year is a term for nightmares in Indian households. And can Indian students have the luxury of opting for a gap year? In India, more than 3.6 million women graduated from college between 2020-21, but not all of them went for higher education. Some chose to join the workforce and some chose to pause and reevaluate their choices.

What do we actually mean by a gap year? In common understanding, it is the time when you skip an academic year, preferably after ending your graduation and beginning with your post-grad degree. Since during that time period, we are not really studying anything, people decided it would be an excellent idea to call it a gap year.

But it does not have to be a gap in studies, per se. People take a break for multiple reasons. It can be due to familial issues, medical concerns (raises my hand), mental health, or as simple as a reevaluation of the field chosen.

What are the 10 gap year programs in India?

And a gap year can turn out to be stressful, or boring. Reputed institutions in the country provide short one-year courses, called diplomas, that help one further their knowledge before beginning with further studies. Here are a few courses that you pursue to make full use of your break year.

  • NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP)

Offered by: St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata

Course duration: 7 months

Fees: Rs. 22,000

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Mode: Offline

My father is deeply associated with the stock market and is extremely passionate about it. It irks me because I have no interest in the concept.

But, if you are equally enthusiastic as my father about this field. If you are pursuing a career in the finance field, this course looks like a good option. St. Xavier’s, Kolkata is one of the top institutions in the country and provides this certification alongside the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

This course would not only consolidate your ideas about the stock market but would also boost your CV or give you an impetus for your MBA plans.

  • Forensic Science and Criminal Law

Offered by: Multiple institutions like St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Rs. 27,500

Mode: Hybrid

Remember how, as kids, we were intrigued by CID and their forensic team on television? Maybe it is the reason I can binge-watch real-life murder docuseries. But, being a psychology kid, that yearning to study forensic science and criminology still lingers somewhere. Because that is the only cool part about a murder. (No, I am not a psychopath. I just belong to Gen-Z).

St. Xavier’s, Mumbai offers a course on Forensic Science and Criminal Law to introduce students to the various aspects of the field. The best part is, even high-school graduates, i.e if you have passed the class 12th examination with more than 60%, you are eligible to apply. The selection is based on merit and interview, so you might not want to be an absolute novice there.

If you are really interested to explore this field, this course can be valuable in terms of the content. Given their course structure, you would have a fair idea to evaluate if you are suited for the field. Everyone is welcome here, but if you intend to pursue Criminal Law, criminology, policy management, or sociology, this is a golden opportunity for you!

  •  4 Diploma courses in the field of education

Offered by: Azim Premji University, Bangalore

Course duration: 1 year (four certificate courses)

Fees: Rs. 35,400

Mode: Hybrid

The field of education needs a revamp. The first step is to school the educators, the fundamental pillars to uphold the system. And institutions like Azim Premji University, Bangalore, are doing marvellous work in the field.

They have multiple diploma courses like Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Diploma in Inclusive Education, and Diploma in Learning Disability. It helps the ones who are either working in the education sector or are pursuing the same. More than theoretical knowledge, their curriculum is developed on a practical basis so that the students have a hands-on experience of their learning.

These diplomas are composed of 4 certificate courses. So you can choose to either complete a full diploma or attempt single certificate courses.

  • Diploma in designing

Offered by: Fergusson College, Pune

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Information Unavailable

Mode: Offline

Affiliated with Savitribai Phule Pune University (which is one of the best universities in the country), Fergusson College offers multiple diploma courses in the field of design. They are conducted offline at assigned specific timings, and individuals with a 12th pass degree are eligible for applying.

The diploma courses have been planned and offered in lieu, with the idea of providing the students with a basic idea of their interests. To try out if the field suits one or not. They have been curated especially for people with an artistic inclination and include courses like Advertising Communication Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Jewellery Design.

So much to choose from!

  • Human Resource Management

Offered by: St. Xavier’s (Autonomous), Kolkata

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Rs. 58,400

Mode: Offline

If you are a corporate person, looking for opportunities in the human resource field, then probably you should take a look at this field. Usually, psychology courses in our country do not focus on HR right from the UG courses. It is a domain that is picked up by postgraduate programmes.

But if you need a break from the rigorous and constant psychology studies, but yet want to stay in touch with your field of specialization, this short course can be a good choice. It will provide you with a good idea of the theoretic of the field, as well as boost your CV for future internships, or placements.

Because come on, we can’t deny that fact that if not experiences, then one is definitely impressed by the number of degrees you have. (It’s a Gen-Z discovery. Don’t rat me out!)

  • Diploma in Languages

Offered by: Multiple institutions like Delhi University, Jadavpur University, English and Foreign Language University

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Differs from institution to institution

Mode: Varied

As a student, you must be well aware of the rising importance of language learning. But it can get difficult alongside studying for regular degrees. Hence, if you are seeking a break in the year, you can choose to learn a language, and enhance your professional skills. Learning a new language has always been one of the most beloved options in the gap year programs available in India.

Language courses are offered by most central institutions, but highly acclaimed ones can be sought from institutions like Delhi University, English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Jadavpur University, etc. They are divided into Certificate of Proficiency, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma, and taught by leading language professionals in the field.

If you have an inclination towards a particular language, you can also learn from their respective embassy-approved language centre. For instance: French courses are offered by Alliance Français, German by Goethe Institute, etc. They might be a tad bit expensive, but they are aligned according to the CEFR levels.

  • Post Graduate Diploma Course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Offered by: St. Xavier’s (Autonomous), Kolkata

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Rs. 46,000

Mode: Offline

This is one of the most demanded courses in the entire country. I highly recommend it for those who are still surfing through gap year programs. SCM deals with organizations that are directly involved in the supply of products to consumers. Logistics of the SCM is an important part, and both of them clubbed together in this single course makes it a luring opportunity for students.

Though the website mentions graduates of any stream are eligible for the course, a note puts it out that graduates with either mathematics or business maths up until the intermediate level will be given preferences. It is not just beneficial for any business management kid, but also the ones who are aiming for a career in the economics field.

  • Diploma in Cyber Laws and Intellectual property rights 

Offered by: Multiple institutions like the University of Hyderabad, and St. Xavier’s Mumbai.

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Rs. 20,000 to 50,000

Mode: Hybrid

As the world moves into a technologically driven era, the avenues of availability of resources are opening up tremendously. This gives way to stealing of one’s idea, or intellectual property (IP), better known as plagiarism. To avoid so, and to avoid the risk of losing out on the hard work, it is important to know about Intellectual Property Rights.

These courses are designed by the respective institutions to give their students not just either theoretical or practical knowledge, but a blend of both aspects. This would not just help the students, but also improve the quality of the industries that deal with IP.

The best part about this course is that SXV, Mumbai ropes in International experts in the field to help conduct the course, so you can network and understand the dynamics of the field outside your country, as well.

  • Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication

Offered by: Delhi University

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Information Unavailable

Mode: Information Unavailable

Business journalism comprises reporting news related to business, e-commerce, economic, and financial activities of the nation. It involves extensive research on all things business. On the other hand, all corporate communications are on the basis of such research.

With the advertising line being so much in demand today, this course has grown to be one of the favourites in the country. Any mass communication student who wishes to avoid the stereotypical journalism line can choose such a course to enhance their CV, and prospects of thriving in the field.

Since this course deals with journalism, it is preferable that students have a knack or an idea of the field.

  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Counselling Psychology

Offered by: Fergusson College, Pune

Course duration: 1 year

Fees: Rs. 50,000

Mode: Offline

I was introduced to this course by a friend of mine who deferred her international admission by a year to stay back and complete this certificate. It awed me, and I looked it up, and found out this psychology course is one of the most sought-after gap year programs in India!

As mentioned in the name itself, this course is for students who exclusively have their interests in Counselling psychology. The ones who desire to be in the field, helping their clients. This course not only provides a theoretical basis but also practical opportunities to put their knowledge to use under the guidance.

Naturally, since this course is a shift into the practical world, it requires graduates who have psychology honours, or have majored in the subject.

The other day, when I was sitting in a cafe and whining about how this drop year is not very appreciated, my wise friend suggested changing my perception. Instead of looking at it as a waste year, I could view it as a break year where I can easily invest my time in doing something productive. And that’s how I went down the rabbit hole of looking for gap year programs in India!

And, kids, that is how I restarted my Russian Diploma  (If you have watched HIMYM, you’ll get this!)

Image source: banner for Gap year programs created with Jhonny Greig, via Getty Images, free and edited on CanvaPro

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