9 Highest Paying Jobs In Humanities In India

It is rumoured that the field of humanities does not pay much. Here is a list of 9 highest paying jobs in humanities, debunking the rumour!

If you plan to pursue your career in humanities, you might get many questions about job prospects! Here is a list of the 9 highest paying jobs in humanities!

And if you are nearing your school finals, the question of the future might be popping up more often than your liking, and the conversation around your career choice would be something like this:

“Oh, you have chosen arts? Oh.”


“What about employment?”

“Arts doesn’t fetch money.” 

I don’t think I even need to introduce my funny little script here. At this point, as a Humanities student, I am tired of walking into a room full of people and being looked at with sympathy.

As if I picked the Humanities because I was incapable of understanding Science.

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The 9 highest-paying jobs in Humanities In India

highest paying jobs in humanities

So to avoid those nosy neighbours harassing you with stereotypically perceived low-income taunts, I have curated for you a list of the 9 highest-paying jobs in the field of Humanities, or Arts. Let us earn together and debunk this misconception once and all!

Creative director

Sounds fancy? Well, it is the formal name for the head of the advertising and marketing department of a company. They plan out the advertisement drives, organization assets for promotions, and shape brand standards. At the same time, they also head the creative team that includes designers, artists, copywriters, and content strategists.

To have a flourishing career in this field, you will most likely have to pursue an MBA after your arts degree. But you can also rise to the top if you have an ample amount of work experience.

A creative director earns from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs with an average package of Rs. 4.2 LPA. Who said arts doesn’t have space in the corporate world?


I am a Disney girl.

When I say this, my mind immediately shoots to the massive transition that the company has had in terms of the content it produce. From white damsel-in-distress to increasing representation of self-independent ladies fending for their own from various corners of the world is empowering for little girls, and comforting for young females like me.

But a lot goes into being an animator. Though the profession is way more developed on the western front, the Indian entertainment industry is rapidly catching on. The animation sector in India is growing rapidly, and is paying decently to its artists.

An animator in India earns roughly around Rs. 0.3 lakhs to Rs. 7.6 lakhs with an average package of Rs. 3.3 lakhs.

Fashion designer

It is a well-paying job, yes, but only if you make it into the circle.

Needless to mention, what a fashion designer does. Right from designing a dress or an entire couture, to making sure the final product comes out well, it is all them. The range in which a fashion designer earns can estimate between Rs. 0.3 lakhs and Rs. 7.2 lakhs.

Here’s a heads-up. If you plan to start your own boutique or your own brand, sometimes creativity and artistic designs are not good enough. There are hundreds of clothing and designing stores emerging every day. You have to sell your ideas. So you need to have some amount of interpersonal skills, and business acumen.

Film/Video editor

The Indian film industry has massive scopes in terms of content, money, talent, and ideas. And it is on its upward journey. A film editor earns around Rs. 0.8 lakhs to Rs. 11.3 lakhs, with an average package of Rs. 4 lakhs.

One might have very glorious ideas, and not-so-glorious assumptions, about the Hindi film industry. But it is true that the competition is extremely cut-throat. If you are a novice in the field, i.e. without any experience, you can start with video-editing for small photography or media houses, and keep gathering experiences. In this manner, your entry into the film industry becomes easier.

Production designer

Let’s remember a film that we all have watched at some point in our lives. Can you remember the scenes or the places where the characters decided to do something? Then we ask questions. Let’s say, why did Geet and Aditya part ways in Shimla itself, why not Shillong? Or why was Calcutta chosen for Qala to flourish?

This is where a production designer comes in. Working in close quarters with the director and the creative team, a production designer uses their aesthetic and creative sense to bring to live the little nuances that makes a film memorable.

They have to juggle a lot of aspects together like identifying the sets, location, properties, graphics. They also work alongside the costume team, and the cinematography team to coordinate the aestheticism.

Too much work? Well, a production manager starts earning somewhere from Rs. 1.7 lakhs to Rs. 23 lakhs with average annual salary of Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

Production management

Now go back to the same film. To it be made, it was important that the crew follow a schedule, followed by drawing a budget to calculate the net cost of production. This is what a production manager does.

You basically manage the entire set, ensure that all the activities go smoothly, allocate available resources to the appropriate places, draft a cost of expenditure, ensure coordination between different teams, etc. It is fascinating, and exciting, though your work might not have any proper schedule. In India, a production manager earns somewhere between Rs. 3.0 lakh to Rs. 22.9 lakh, with the average being somewhere between Rs. 8.3 lakh.

Interior designer

Interior designing is rather an emerging profession in the nation. With curbing living spaces, interior designers are the need of the hours. Designing a living space, assessing furniture requirements, and planning the best decorative items, they are responsible for turning your vision of a home into a reality.

It is basically similar to a fashion design, except you work with houses and types of furniture instead of clothes and models. There are many interior designing organizations that have opened up in the country fairly recently. And they are playing well.

For instance, according to statistics, an interior designer earns an average package of Rs. 3.0 lakhs, with the range being Rs. 0.3 lakhs and Rs. 6.0 lakhs.

Event manager

Well, they are fairly in demand these days.

With the shaadi fever rapidly catching on, more and more event management companies are sprouting everywhere. A quick tour of the roles and responsibilities: researching and securing locations, drafting an event calendar, quoting and negotiating payments, coordinating between various teams like the caterers and decorators, etc. It also includes working alongside the clients and making their event a memorable one.

Basically, you are a different variant of a production manager. And with that post, you will earn at around Rs 1.0 lakh to Rs 10.0 lakhs, with average being at around Rs. 3.8 lakhs.


It is a bit tricky. And I hope I don’t get sued for this.

As a journalist, you will earn around Rs. 0.3 lakhs to Rs. 8.0 lakhs, with average being Rs 3.0 lakhs. And are set to lose either your life, or your autonomy to report the truth.

The present state of journalists in India is not a very pleasant one. The mainstream news channels are being unsubscribed due to, well, their ownership, and now the independent journalist platforms are on the rise. To consolidate their base, they mostly work on goodwill and naturally, the payment is less. But if reporting is your passion, then on the brighter side, you can compromise the salary in order to preserve your autonomy.

Usually with humanities, I have come to experience, that usually people are more inclined towards work satisfaction rather than just money. While financial independence is definitely a thought on everyone’s mind, it is typically work satisfaction that is paid more attention to. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop dreaming of having careers in these highest-paying jobs in the humanities field!

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