8 Reasons Why a Digital Marketing and Analytics Career Is One of the Hottest Options to Consider Today

Are you on a career break or in the early stages of a marketing career? Upskilling in Digital Marketing and Analytics can propel your career.

Whether you are a woman on a career break or someone in the early stages of a sales & marketing career, Digital Marketing and Analytics has emerged as a promising occupation – and exploring options here will catapult your professional growth tremendously!

Are you a woman looking to return to work after a career break? There’s never been a better time to succeed – so long as you upskill yourself to deliver what organisations need right now. And one of the things everyone needs today, thanks to widespread digitisation, is Digital Marketing and Analytics! 

Thousands of women across the country, who had to pause their careers owing to maternity and similar caregiving responsibilities, are looking for ways to rejoin the workforce. Women at the early stages of their careers are looking to upskill and rise faster too. With job opportunities booming across sectors, it’s time to boost your resume with an industry-relevant course in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

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That the average income of a Digital Marketing and Analytics professional is promising makes the whole deal all the more exciting!

Here’s why upskilling in Digital Marketing and Analytics makes sense

Whether it’s buying groceries, finding jobs, or trading in stocks, we are digital today. Naturally, businesses of every possible scale and in every sector have gone online. Digital commerce generates humongous amounts of data and businesses are turning analytics to stay focused on relevant data rather than being distracted by unneeded metrics.  With marketing plans built around analytics, online businesses have a higher chance of succeeding in the marketplace.

For these reasons, Digital Marketing and Analytics is a truly competitive and dynamic field; it is important to stay on top of the latest trends in the field. Keeping abreast of pan-industry requirements is a vital part of your upskilling journey.

Digital marketing is a career of choice –  Here’s why! 

1. It’s time for the specialists to take charge!

Anjali Sharma, a successful career woman and Brand Manager at Dhani, quips that digitalisation is the need of the hour for every industry or business. “With most organisations making a switch from traditional media to digital media, E-newspaper or even the OTT platforms, there needs to be a dedicated set of subject matter experts who can help in this regard and who can be better at this than the Digital Marketing and Analytics professionals?” she asks. As the industry evolves, it is time for more expert marketers who can minimise trial and error for businesses. 

2. A strong generational shift in the use of technology

Anjali Sharma also points out how a strong generational shift in the use of technology is a prime reason that has propelled Digital Marketing and Analytics needs across industries. With a raging pandemic driving the world to go more digital, notwithstanding age or location, Digital Marketing and Analytics has emerged as the sure-shot way to connect with consumer groups. This assures job prospects for aspirants looking to pursue a course and career in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

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3. From competition, to data-led creativity

Competition among businesses is peaking, and therefore the need to establish strong digital brand identities, which can help brands market sustainably and cost-effectively. Whether it is Facebook’s augmented reality advertisements or Instagram TV – digital marketers are being called to connect with their audience based on analytical data-driven decisions in newer, creative ways, which can only happen with a high degree of skill and platform understanding. 

4. Demand drives the salary – if you have the expertise

With the Digital Marketing and Analytics industry extensively supporting the marketing needs of most businesses, there is a surge in demand leading to highly competitive pay packets for qualified Digital Marketing and Analytics professionals. Of course, the keyword is ‘qualified’ – a good pedigree and sound knowledge are essential to grab those lucrative jobs and stand out from the many aspirants. 

5. The freedom to showcase creativity and innovation

Digital Marketing and Analytics is steering the marketing industry in a direction that abounds in innovative technologies, data-led social media connectivity and limitless opportunities. Artificial Intelligence and Automation are opening up further possibilities and opportunities to get more innovative even while being data-driven.

6. The flexibility to choose a preferred job profile

The Digital Marketing and Analytics field comes with its own perks, and flexibility is one of them! A Digital Marketing and Analytics professional has many different options when it comes to job profiles and work arrangements. You may choose to work as a full-time professional, a freelancer, a digital marketing consultant, or even turn to entrepreneurship with your own Digital Marketing and Analytics startup, depending on your lifestyle needs. 

7. The liberty to specialise 

Digital Marketing and Analytics professionals also enjoy a range of specialisations – they can choose to work as a social media marketer, a content marketer, a digital marketing manager, or an SEO specialist – what really matters is that all of these are relevant and in demand. The onus is on you to choose well in keeping with your strengths and interests as a professional.

8. The comfort and ease of working from anywhere

Like other experts and professionals, Ms. Sharma also points out the other important perks of choosing Digital Marketing and Analytics as a career choice – for starters, this career offers the comfort of remote-working, from anywhere across the globe all while leveraging the power of promoting a brand campaign that reaches its target audience in a matter of seconds.

How to upskill so that you stand out from the crowd

Digital Marketing has become a highly sought career and there are many institutions offering courses. However, upskilling with a course in Digital Marketing and Analytics from a reputed institution can set you apart from the crowd. 

Consider the comprehensive Digital Marketing and Analytics programme offered by ISB Executive Education, inclusive of immersive workshops by industry experts. This online programme offers an end-to-end perspective of the digital ecosystem to plan revenue-generating strategies. 

Reputed organisations such as Microsoft, ICICI Bank, Infosys, HDFC, Mahindra, Gartner, Accenture, Cognizant, are among the many who have hired professionals who have been a part of this course. 

This 12-week comprehensive Digital Marketing and Analytics programme will help you accelerate your rise or return to work using the latest digital marketing skills and strategies that are robust and reliable in the current ever-evolving economy.

If an industry-ready course to propel your career is what you need, what are you waiting for? Use the form here to share your details and a team member from ISB Executive Education will reach out to you with more information.

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