8 Low Investment Franchise Businesses In India

What are the best low investment franchise in India? What are the advantages of joining a franchise? We have all the answers!

The best advantage of joining as a franchise is the accessibility to an already established customer base and brand name. Here is a list of 8 low investment franchise businesses in India.

My next topic to dwell on is the low-investment franchise business in India. But what does it mean exactly?

When speaking of business ventures, you often come across the term capital. The initial money enables you to set your business on track, an investment.

Let’s break up the terms ‘low investment Franchise’ in India first

Low-investment businesses typically require you to put a lesser amount into the business as capital.

Low-investment business usually involves lesser risks, with the scope of losing less money, and has the potential to expand. One of those ways includes growing into a franchise.

What is a franchise, you may ask? A franchise is a joint venture between a franchisor and the franchisee, wherein the former usually grants licences for their operations, including brand anime, products, and market knowledge to the latter in exchange for the promised franchise fee.

In simpler words, this allows the franchisee to sell services or products under the name and the franchisor’s trademark, that is the name of the parent brand or the company’s owner.

What is the advantage of a low investment franchise?

Typically, businesses expand into a franchise to grab more market base or to expand their geographical reach at a very low cost.

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The biggest advantage of joining as a franchisee is the accessibility to an already established customer base and brand name. It demands much lesser investment in trying to attract eyeballs to the new establishment.

8 franchise businesses in India

We can start collaborating with 8 low investment franchise in India that you can collaborate with immediately.

Amul Ice-cream

Parent organization: Anand Milk Union Limited.

Amul Ice-cream was first launched in 1996 in Gujarat, and in Mumbai and Chennai in the next two years respectively. It was rolled out across the country in 1999. Its tagline was made to match that of its parent company, Amul.

Competing with big names like Kwality Walls, Mother Diary etc., Amul Ice-cream shot up to the no.1 position and continued remaining at the top for the longest time.

Café Coffee Day

Parent organization: Coffee Day Enterprises

V.G Siddhartha established the first café outlet of CCD in 1996 at Brigade Road, Bangalore. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most preferred cafés for coffee lovers. Their coffee is produced in their 20,000 acres of plantations in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka, and exported internationally to countries like the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Within a short time of its launch, it proved to be a massive hit across the country with more than 1000 outlets, solely across India, by 2011. The company rebranded itself that year.

In 2019, the founder-cum-CEO Mr Siddhartha died by suicide before CBI launched a probe into the accounts of the company; the brand was sinking before Malavika Hegde stepped in as the CEO and saved the sinking ship from the ultimate plunge.


Parent organization: Hindustan Unilever

Under the persuasion of the then-prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lakme was founded as Lakshmi Beauty Products in 1952 as a complete subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills. The company was later rebranded with the present name before the Tatas sold their stakes to Hindustan Unilever in 1998.

Since then, Lakme is a name owned by HU Ltd. A leading contender in the race of beauty cosmetics in India, it rapidly earned the trust of its users across the country. According to the Brand’s Trust Report 2014, it was ranked 36th as the most trusted brand by Indians.

As of 2021, Lakme has 458 salons running across the subcontinent and is the title sponsor of the Lakme Fashion Week, a bi-annual fashion week held in Mumbai and Delhi.

VLCC conglomerate

Parent organization: VLCC Health Care Ltd.

I am a little embarrassed to own up that I was today years old when I learnt that VLCC had the name of their founder within their full name- Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves. A visionary entrepreneur with a dynamic personality, Vandana Luthra started VLCC as a beauty and wellness centre in Safdarjung, Delhi in 1989.

Their initial focus was solely on weight management programmes based on strict dietary and exercise routines.

Today, it offers a vast variety of weight management, and beauty solutions including skin, hair, and body treatment. Alongside, they also offer technologically advanced dermatology and cosmetology solutions.

The massive success of the parent brand encouraged them to branch out more. VLCC manages their products via their subsidiary VLCC Personal Care Ltd. in India, and their vocational training institutes called the VLCC Beauty and Training Institute.

The latter has grown to be the largest vocational training academy in the field of beauty and wellness, with almost 10,000 trainees passing out every year.


Parent organization: ZeeLearn

I am sure you are not unaware of this particular venture. Kidzee is probably one of the widest spread pre-schools across the country, and it is nearly impossible for one to miss out on their branch when travelling across the city.

Zee Learn Limited was launched in 1994, while they launched Kidzee in 2003. Since then, this brand has grown to be the largest preschool chain in Asia with over 1900+ schools in 750 cities across the country alone. Within its umbrella, it also provides K-12 education under the brands of Mount Litera World Preschool, Mount Litera Zee School, and Mount Litera School International.

Recently, Zee Learn also launched their next big projects which included Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA), and Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA). The former is a TV and film institute that offers vocational diploma courses in Direction, Acting, Cinematography, Production, etc., while the latter provides training in traditional 2D, 3D animation, and VFX.


Parent organization: NewQuest Asia Investments III Limited

If you have ever noticed stores of FirstCry in your beloved city, that is a bright success story staring right at you!

FirstCry started as an E-commerce company that focused on retailing baby products. Headquartered in Pune, the company was launched in 2010. They opened their first store in Srinagar in 2019, and by January 2020, they had 380 running physical outlets across the country.

In 2016, it acquired Mahindra’s baby care franchise called BabyOye, and now the merged entity operates under the name of FirstCry.com, a FirstCry Mahindra venture.


Parent organization: Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.- Jubilant Bhartia Group

Up until a few years back, Domino’s was the only strongest alternative to Pizza Hut. But it began way back in 1996 with the establishment of its first outlet in New Delhi. It was initially incorporated as Domino’s Pizza India Private Ltd., but later changed its name to Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd. in 2009.

With Domino’s flourishing on one hand, the company decided to keep expanding. Hence, they acquired the master franchise agreement with the American coffee-house chain Dunkin’ Donuts in 2011.

A decade later, in 2021, they acquired the master franchise agreement with Restaurant Brands International to open and develop their popular fast-food brand, Popoyes, in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. They opened their first outlet in Koramangala, Bangalore in January 2022, making my last few months in college a tolerable affair!


Parent organization: Cure.Fit

In 2016, two young entrepreneurs quit Flipkart to start a company that focused exclusively on the health and fitness of its customers. Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori realized that Indians pay very little attention to their health unless they face a problem. Hence, they started Cure.Fit.

In the beginning, they used to conduct offline Zumba classes, boxing, fun workout sessions, etc, to train people to stay fit. They soon launched an app, and it, being the first online training mode, attracted a lot of customers that made the brand popular within a very short period.

As its popularity increased, the company rebranded itself and chose the name Cult.Fit since they were the first name that boosted the health and fitness industry in India.

They now have numerous gym outlets, swimming pools, and boxing arenas that offer various fitness courses customized according to individual needs. The company soon spread into different branches and expanded to develop subsidiaries in the field itself.

Things to remember before you invest

Most of these companies offer franchise-investment chances to entrepreneurs who are willing to join forces with their companies. If such a proposition interests you, you might want to be prepared.

  • First, study the company profile in detail; understand their business modules and strategies that they use to be the leading name in the field.
  • Secondly, keep your business plan ready. Everything depends on how you perceive a business.
  • Third, keep your finances ready. Though it is a low investment franchise you are collaborating with, the end goal of every business is profit!

You have to remember that since you are already dealing with established brand names, you would want to have the finances and your assets in place. And if you are a woman entrepreneur who is seeking loans to start her own venture, reread everything on the contract before signing!

Lastly, make sure your passion is reflected in your work. Rest, and let everything fall into place!

Image source: Fizkes, free and edited on CanvaPro

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