7 Benefits Of ChatGPT That You Should Know About!

What are the benefits of ChatGPT? Can an Artificial Intelligence tool make our lives easier? Here are some pros of using AI writing tools.

What are the benefits of ChatGPT? Can an Artificial Intelligence tool make our lives easier? Here are some pros of using AI writing tools.

A couple of months ago, ChatGPT took the world of technology by storm. Suddenly, everyone was excited to speak about it, and all everyone was speaking about, was? It was an invention that took everyone by as much surprise as there was when Earth was discovered to be round instead of flat!

For the uninitiated, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot that is built to provide solutions to human problems that are entered as prompts. It works on a pre-trained generative transformer that emulates human thoughts to provide an easy but appropriate solution to complex problems.

I identify myself as a very technologically challenged person.

Technology confuses me, and freaks me out. So when I was tired of listening to people speak about how ChatGPT made their lives easier, I decided to test it out myself and find out what are the benefits of using ChatGPT!

Benefits of ChatGPT

Of course, I could not handle it, but I did come to understand, through multiple expert analyses, the multiple advantages it has.

Some of the benefits of ChatGPT are listed below:

ChatGPT provides direct answers instantly

We all are well aware of how Google works, right? With the advent of SEO keywords, it is more of the specialization that determines the search results, instead of the content. As a result, the search engine leads you to several websites, some of them promoted, that often end up having contradictory information on them.

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I stopped asking Google for answers a long time back. Just like too many cooks spoil the broth, too much information on Google spoils my brain’s functioning. Thankfully,  that is not the case with ChatGPT.

When you ask this model a question, it answers you instantly and directly. The details provided are usually very precise, and highly accurate. As OpenAI keeps updating the models, it is expected that ChatGPT will also have an enhanced level of accuracy in its solutions.

The best part is that just like a child, ChatGPT “learns” from the interactions with the user before. The idea is to cater to user queries with specific responses. It remembers information belonging to the same prompt tree from before and reproduces it to offer the same information surrounding similar queries.

Moreover, it picks up on user corrections and follow-up questions until a satisfactory result has been derived.

Generates well-tried and coherent content

A prevalent debate amongst the members of the writing community is the use of AI tools like ChatGPT to come up with written content. Needless to say, it has made the lives of many writers easier.

When given a clear prompt, ChatGPT comes up with well-articulated, and coherent written samples that will almost make you believe that it was written by a human! With little space for errors, it can not just draft factual content, but also come up with essays that are descriptive or imaginative by nature.

Content writing has grown to be an essential aspect of marketing. Be it social media marketing, blogs, or emails. This AI LanguageTool can produce form-appropriate content that your prompt suggests.

This not only helps a writer to offer newer perspectives within their articles but also overcome blocks that are quite natural for a human brain, leading to better productivity.


The other day, my dad and his friends were struggling to remember the name of a film, the synopsis of which they knew. You could imagine the field day I was about to have to try to search for the film title using the plot, but my friend came to my rescue.

ChatGPT answered his prompt, which was basically the plot, within seconds, thereby saving our film screening.

My point is, ChatGPT provides appropriate answers to its users without having to wait at all. Almost instantaneously, you receive well-drawn content at the tip of your fingers, ready for your disposal.

Moreover, with the direct and precise answers, it saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted scrolling through numerous websites and picking up on the right information.

To businesses, this AI tool is very time-effective since it speeds up the entire process of generating innovative ideas, subsequent content, analysis, etc. It is almost error-free, hence, within a short period, a lot amount of good work gets done. 

Trained to process and produce Natural Languages.

If you are into languages, you would be aware of how Google Translate is probably the most unreliable tool for language translation. It simply translates word to word, which often mixes up the meaning. Lost in translation in the literal sense!

However, this AI LanguageTool has been trained to process and translate multiple texts in different languages in seconds. Though not initially built for language translation, it is emerging rapidly as a reliable translator. The only tricky part is to be creative with your prompts.

Since ChatGPT works on a conversational interface, its interactive nature allows you to mould and personalize the translation to your suitability. You can also provide feedback to the bot, which in turn reworks the solution and provides you with an enhanced version.

This feedback can include instructions on the style and tone of the text, hence, being a very flexible language translator in the scene.

Better customer service

For businesses, ChatGPT is THE platform to be explored now.

Do you know what chatbots are? They are computer programmes designed to communicate with human users on the internet. Creating a chatbot is simple, and with AI tools, it has grown to be a cakewalk.

When you create chatbots with ChatGPT, you can tailor them uniquely, so that when customers try to reach out to you, your bot offers a human communication experience to the users. Moreover, this AI tool has been trained to generate conversations on its own.

For in, if customers raise a query, the bots are capable to initiate an automated discussion on their own, helping and helping out with the technicalities.

This way, customer service becomes way easier and hassle-free when people don’t have to wait on the other side of the line for hours. It enhances user experience with your company, and at the same time lessens the burden on the service providers.

Cost-effective option

I once had a friend call me up randomly to ask for my help with a piece that he was writing. I ended up writing the entire piece eventually, and more than 4, but my friend still couldn’t find the time to pay me for a single one. Likewise, I let it go in the name of friendship.

Now reimagine the above scenario, except this time replaces me with ChatGPT. Everything looks perfect. No one gets exploited for their skills, and no one ends up spoiling friendships as well. ChatGPT is free for its all users, and does not charge any amount even for premium services that it is offering.

We have been speaking on a very individualistic level. If this provides to be so advantageous at the smallest level itself, imagine the advantages it holds for businessmen. It provides all the above-mentioned services within seconds at absolutely zero cost. It makes businesses cost-effective and brings down a lot of starting expenses.

They pray for a miracle, and OpenAI served them one! If these benefits of ChatGPT haven’t convinced you, read the next pros!


Since childhood, we have heard about how with power comes responsibility. Now we might as well learn that with technology, comes greater responsibilities.

AI has always been the target of allegations that constitute insensitivity, or the promotion of violence. It is due to the lack of emotional intelligence that AI tends to produce content unfiltered that may have detrimental effects on society at large.

But OpenAI claimed that ChatGPT has been trained to decline prompts that are potentially perceived as inappropriate, or violent.

Each day, the field of artificial intelligence is making tremendous progress. ChatGPT is another model of InstructGPT by the same parent organization, OpenAI. And with each passing day, scientists are coming up with updated models of ChatGPT. They are said to be the citizens of the future.

Fancy, how that phrase shifted from being attributed to the kids now to Artificial Intelligence!

But all these points are just praising ChatGPT? What about the cons and issues of using AI tools? What about creativity and originality? Keep an eye out on for this space, I will explain the not so benefits of ChatGPT soon!

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