5 Writing Tools Every Freelancer Should Use

Are you a writer looking for apps to make your writing journey easier? Here are 5 writing tools you should use!

Are you a writer looking for apps to make your writing journey easier? Here are 5 writing tools you should use!

Writers from various fields of technology, social sciences, medicine, advertising, and law hear content is the king. If you can string your sentences and present your message to your audience with clarity; that is half the battle won.

The golden rule of writing that my teacher taught me; if your content is well written, you have your reader’s attention.

Writing is passion for few and bread-butter to others, yet the goal of every writer’s goal is to write well, and write without mistakes. In the age of constant content churning, many a time, because of deadlines, demands and workload our writing can suffer at hand of typos, grammatical error, misplaced punctuation and lack of standardization.

The 5 writing tools that freelancers need!

If you are a freelance writer, you are always working and moving from one project to another, which can leave you with limited time for revision and correction.

To err is human and if you write there will be mistakes! Yes, mistakes are part of this career! In this article, we created a list of five writing tools that will make your life easier!


If you are working as content writer, who needs to take a lot of notes and do multimedia research, Evernote is the app you need in your device. You can capture anything and save documents as part of your notes!

And you create personalized folders and keep all together. The most convenient part of the app for me is the superfast search, which brings me the best results and saves me from hours of doom scrolling!

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There is a paid and unpaid version of the app, if you are someone who is into extensive research, the paid version is an ideal investment for you.


Sometimes, Microsoft Office can be difficult! Especially for me, for a long time not having an easy way to type my em-dash spoiled my impression of it. That’s when I had turned to LibreOffice, which is a free and open-source office productivity software suite, and is compatible and syncs across many devices

The software is also available in different languages as well. And if you are someone who works a lot with graphs, tables and data; this software is much easier to navigate than Microsoft Office.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway, the author, was known for his economical use of words, if you can say something in ten words then don’t say it in fifteen. And we the editors have applied this advice throughout our careers.

If you are familiar with Grammarly, then you would find Hemingway Editor a useful app. Not only does it point out your grammatical errors, it also explains why usage of certain words or phrases are wrong. And it offers a grade based on your writing!

If you write long form, blogs or curated articles, Hemingway Editor is a better option of the two. The only issue I have is that it doesn’t have a plug-in option, and the desktop version of the app is not free.

Google Scholar

If you work in the field of academia and research, Google Scholar is a time saviour and fact-checker! And as a writer we know, misinformation is everywhere and how it can harm credibility of your writing! The existence of Google Scholar eases the research workload for a writer!

It is a free web search engine which gives you access anywhere at any time. It also creates and maintains indexes of full text or metadata of literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

If you haven’t used Google Scholar yet! Use it today!

Citation Machine

For a business writer, research scholar, or a student, citation of sources, and the format of your citation becomes a headache! The app also provides plagiarism check and grammar check. The app will also maintain a database of your sources, so that you look for them and don’t have to worry about losing them!

If you subscribe to the paid version, they will also give you writing advice on how to improve and clean your paper. For students, the paid version is expensive, but if you are a writer in the above-mentioned fields, don’t hesitate to subscribe to the paid version.

Freelance writing, doesn’t always have to stress inducing process. When we are writing, our concentration should be on the creation of the clean and concise message. But if you are constantly worrying about citation, fact-checks, grammatical errors, it can hamper your quality of writing. Hence, don’t hesitate to utilize the services of these writing tools!

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