Harsha Jain: Earth & Aroma Is All About Inclusive Diversity

Harsha Jain, was inspired to start her own personal care brand, Earth & Aroma, due to her deep concern about the chemicals we encounter daily.

Harsha Jain, was inspired to start her own personal care brand, Earth & Aroma, due to her deep concern about the chemicals we encounter daily. Her motivation came from the realisation of the harmful effects of fragrances, especially their impact on our hormones. This led her to shift her focus towards the power of essential oils to create low-tox lifestyle products.

Through rigorous research and experimentation, Harsha Jain has crafted a range of skincare products. These products not only nourish and protect the skin but also promote a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. Harsha’s brand places a strong emphasis on transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices.

In India, the surge in women-led personal hygiene brands is a testament to the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and the remarkable entrepreneurial drive exhibited by women leaders in the industry.

Harsha Jain started Earth & Aroma to meet a growing demand

Harsha Jain Earth & Aroma

This trend is driven by a confluence of factors, including the growing desire among consumers for personal care options that are both inclusive and transparent. Consumers now seek innovative products that align with their values and unique needs, particularly in the realm of women’s health and hygiene.

Earth & Aroma, based in Bangalore, understood this growing desire and now specializes in personal care products made exclusively with pure essential oils. These products are sourced directly from farms and high-quality natural ingredients with care for the environment in mind.

In her own words: “We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating products that are free of artificial fragrance and sulphates/parabens—and will never ever include them! Our goal is to create the best skin care products possible while respecting the earth, your body, and your health. We handcraft our products in small batches so that you can feel confident that you’re always getting a product that is freshly made with care and intention.”

Harsha also believes Earth & Aroma’s unique selling points lie in their dedication to providing freshly made products, which enhances the effectiveness and overall experience of their skincare items. Additionally, their focus on fragrance-free options ensures that individuals with sensitivities or allergies can enjoy their products comfortably.

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This inclusivity has garnered a loyal customer base.

Women’s healthcare brands are seeing a cultural shift

Earth & Aroma products

When we look deeper, at the rise of personal care brands, there is a broader cultural shift towards recognizing and destigmatizing women’s health and hygiene needs. Conversations around menstruation, menopause, and other aspects of women’s health are becoming more open and inclusive, which has created space for women-run brands to address these topics without taboos.

More and more women entrepreneurs in this space are prioritizing social and environmental responsibility. The focus is now on sustainable and eco-friendly products. Earth & Aroma’s success lies in its commitment to freshly made, fragrance-free products and its dedication to being a clean brand.
Building a consumer community is not easy.

The commitment to transparency fosters trust among consumers, who increasingly demand information about the products they use and the companies they support. And in return, the consumer values the thoughtfulness behind the products.

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Image source: Harsha Jain’s social media. 

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