How Drishti Anand Built A Sustainable Fashion Brand For Indians

Dr Drishti Anand co-founded Let's Dress Up, to revolutionize the Indian fashion industry by focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices.

Let’s Dress Up, a fashion tech company, has an interesting journey. Dr Drishti Anand was a successful medical professional; a gold medallist in medicine, who had worked at renowned hospitals in India like Medanta and Safdarjung Hospital.

Though her medical career was fulfilling, she faced a common challenge that many women encounter – finding the right clothing that fits well and suits their style.

Like many women entrepreneurs before her, Dr. Anand identified a gap in the market! This unmet need in the clothing market made her conscious of the issues plaguing both women and men: the lack of supply to demands in specific styles, and sizes.

In simpler words, options for variety and inclusivity were limited.

Drishti Anand aimed for sustainability

Co-founder of Let's Dress Up

Driven by a personal need to address this issue, she decided to start Let’s Dress Up in collaboration with her husband, Aditya, in 2019. Their goal was to revolutionize the Indian fashion industry by focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices and understanding the specific needs of Indian women.

Aiming to create positive change in Indian consumer communities. Sustainable fashion businesses offer a platform to address issues like fair labour practices, eco-conscious manufacturing, all-body inclusivity and reducing waste.

As more and more women in India are becoming deeply concerned about environmental and social issues. Sustainable businesses often prioritise ethical and eco-friendly practices, and Dr Anand’s brand Let’s Dress Up (LDU) stands out as a size-inclusive fashion tech brand in India.

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Drishti Anand created a size chart for Indian body types

How Drishti Anand Built A Sustainable Fashion Brand For Indians

Not only do they offer a wide range of sizes, from XS to 8XL, which is quite rare in the market. What sets them apart is their innovative approach – they developed a size chart based on the actual measurements of over 2,000 Indians, significantly increasing the chances of customers finding the perfect fit with their products.

Dr Anand is also a fashion enthusiast who believes in the transformative power of clothing. They aim to bring together the fragmented Indian fashion market and harness the potential of technology by creating digital designs guided by data.

Their product range includes a variety of items, such as kaftans, ponchos, dresses, mufflers with pockets, loungewear, T-shirts, and even limited options for men. They take great pride in their meticulous attention to detail, their commitment to providing excellent customer service, their dedication to sustainability, and their role in redefining sizes in the Indian fashion landscape. Their styles cater to both casual and formal wear.

Variety that lasts for a long time

Let’s Dress Up is a youthful and vibrant brand that keeps its identity fresh and exciting. By breaking barriers that were erected by old unsustainable business practices, they have found their footing in the Indian consumers’ wants. They’ve gamified the shopping experience for their customers, encouraging them to return to their website.

Moreover, the LUD consistently introduces new styles and looks every Friday, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting for consumers to explore and enjoy.

Women entrepreneurs may start their clothing brands for a multitude of reasons; more than often they are driven by a combination of personal passion, creative aspirations, and a desire for positive impact. Let’s Dress Up has just begun to explore the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of the Indian fashion industry and understand the perspectives that women bring to it.

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Image source: courtesy Drishti Anand

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