9 Best Business To Start With Little Money, Yes Under ₹10000!

Not all business ventures require a hefty amount to be set up. Here are 9 best business to start with little money, yes, as little as ₹10000!

Not all business ventures require a hefty amount to be set up. Here are the 9 best business to start with little money, yes, as little as ₹10000!

Every one has entrepreneurial ideas, don’t we? Mine was to open an organization that hosted events wherein kids from orphanages and elderlies from old-age homes were brought together.

It was unique, at least that is what my professor told me. But the amount of money as capital made it a distant dream. Sigh! But are there any ventures which need little money? Can we start our entrepreneurial journey with just ₹10000?

Best business to start with little money, yes as little as ₹10000!

But not all business ventures require a hefty amount to be set up. If you are passionate about business, and dream of having one of your own, but your capital is limited, do not worry. I have researched left and right to create a list of the best business to start with little money, which are India-specific and have low risks!

Following is the list of 9 best business ideas to start with little money, that can very well be started with an amount less than ₹10,000! Yes, as little as ₹10000!

1. Online book rental biz

Allow me to share a funny anecdote. Long back in high school, my friend and I had an absurd idea of being librarians. Mind you, the urge is still strong, but practicalities intrude on our dreams. The idea was somehow rekindled with an Instagram post just a few days earlier. And that’s how it came to my mind!

If you are an ardent book reader, you are sure to have enough books at your house. So, why not start a book rental service?

You have books, you have space. You need a website. And voilà- you have a library ready for public service. Within 10k (that is, if you were to minus the cost of the books; emotional value doesn’t matter)

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With the increasing paucity of leisurely time, bookworms find it difficult to visit libraries. The vast availability of resources online makes it all the easier. But, books in PDF format are no fun!

Hence, online rental bookshops are revolutionary. It is yet to get its well-deserved credit, but let’s accept the fact.

Beautiful things are always never fully appreciated!

2. Tuition and coaching centres

Recently my mother’s friend, who has been running her tuition classes for quite some time now, opened her coaching centre. And it took us by surprise. Because none of us saw that coming, or the idea that you could turn the ground floor of your house into a profitable coaching centre from a normal one-room tuition class.

She revealed that it took her less than 10k as capital to establish this business (apologies for using this word to describe the Indian education system, but sadly it is the reality).

Hence, I thought it would be wise to include it in my list as well. Again, if you have a free space that you think could be turned productive, and have skills to teach, then maybe this is an idea that you should consider!

3. Tiffin Service

As outstation kids, the most that we craved was ghar ka khana. It is real, that urge there. Our only resort was restaurant outlets— the ones that came closest to satisfy our craving, won! But this was the pre-pandemic era.

The pandemic had pushed people to explore newer avenues, and out of them was born the services of tiffin.

People stationed out of their homes usually spend most of their time figuring things around and end up neglecting their food habits. You could be their saviour if you go ahead with this idea.

Curate well-nourished menus, keeping in mind the tastes of your customers, stick to a manageable number of subscribers, bring out the inner master chef within you, and your business should be running well.

4. Tutorials on YouTube

For the uninitiated, YouTube pays you a certain amount per video if you meet certain requirements, or enable certain features. Allow me to explain.

Guidelines state that if you have at least 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers by the end of a year, the company pays you a fixed amount. Besides, you could also earn by enabling the monetization feature on your account that earns revenue via the advertisements that YouTube is so (in)famous for.

You have to be technologically creative to earn money via YouTube videos. Here, consistency is also key.

You might not start earning multi-figure numbers right away, but slowly and steadily you can build your way through. Keep posting content that is unique and identifies your originality.

For a better understanding, you can refer to this link-

5. Art and handmade crafts

Not to brag, but I have been told that I have amazing gifting ideas. Mostly they are books, but if they are people who are close to me, I go for personalized gifts.

But, I struggle with ideas when it comes to mere acquaintances (read: people who I do not like). Art and handmade crafts have been my saviour.

If art and craft is your forte, then this business has a promising future. They not only make for beautiful gifts, but also adds special value to homes that are being newly decorated or renovated.

Agreed that craft supplies do cost a fortune, but it also comes with it good revenue. For arts, your aestheticism, and for craft your quirkiness.

Let’s see who wins?

6. Backyard gardening

The general population these days merely buy plants to add a splash of colour, or just for the sake of social media (oops, did I expose you?) but very fewer find it a real pleasure.

But, if you are truly passionate about the flora and the fauna, and like taking care of them, you could turn this into a business venture.

Most plants either grow from grafted branches of healthier plants, seeds, or bulbs. If you have a backyard, or a terrace with considerable space, you could grow your own plants. Look for something unique, and not easily available in the market.

Once the plants develop fully, you can sell the extra buds, grafted branches, or seeds. You can also introduce unique selling points to your products, like biodegradable packaging, or a beautiful pot. Simultaneously, plants also require fertilizers.

Now fertilizers can also be natural, or man-made by mixing various components in accurate proportions. You can launch your own website, or tie up with a local nursery.

Simultaneously, you can also make blogs of your gardening techniques, and upload them on YouTube, thus earning another source of revenue.

7. Travel agency

My grandparents after their retirement travelled a lot. Far and wide, the Indian subcontinent. They even dared to undertake a Leh-Ladakh trip in their late 60s.

All such trips were with a local, small travel agency that was operated from a small room in the owner’s house.

They took in a very small group of travellers, most of the same age, and with proper medical care, they used to make the most comprehensive packages.

Right from planning out the entire itinerary, to selecting reasonable hotel deals, to accompanying the elderlies on their trip, they used to do everything very smoothly.

There are travel agencies that have a huge names today, but they do not offer this kind of experience.

If you can register yourself with the ministry of travel, then this is a business within 10k that you can start on your own. The registrations and the establishment may take some time, and money, but it has promising returns.

And nothing satisfies a soul more than travelling, right?

8. Candle-making

Aromatherapy is a concept that is rapidly catching on, globally. Essential oil does the same job. But they do have a reputation of being, um, messy. Candles sort that problem out.

Miniso stores or Ikea have a whole different column dedicated to scented candles. There are wide varieties like berries or the smell of rain, but they are expensive. It is understandable, given their brand name. But candle-making is a business within 10k that you can consider.

These candles do not have to come in the stereotypical glass jar. You can experiment with their shape, aroma, and colour, but make sure they highlight your USP.

Try to target the young market. They are the ones who are more aware of it, and somewhat addicted to the idea. A few of my friends would not study if they did not have their apple cider candle with them to help them with concentration.

Only I know how difficult it was always to convince them to study in the Library, where candles are absolutely restricted!

9. Bakery

A bakery is a business that needs immense patience, alongside good baking skills. Most now-established bakeries have started from the kitchen. But it is a business that very well can be started with less than 10k. But baby steps.

You can start with baking for your friend circle, and propagating it via your friends and well-wishers. Set up a social media account, and propagate your products there. It can be birthday cakes, croissants, cupcakes, etc.

Choose your niche, and stick to it. Customize according to the choice of the customers, and work according to the market selling price.

In conclusion

In this business, you have to let your talent speak for you. Do not take too many orders together, otherwise there are chances that the quality would be compromised. But slow and steadily, witness your business grow.

A lot of Quora answers will suggest that business is all about capital. But tune into any successful business story, and you will see how they are more than just the capital amount— determination, passion, and acumen.

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