8 Indian Fashion YouTubers Who Can Make Your Everyday Dressing Up Creative & Affordable

Small tips and tricks on fashion can be the difference between chic and meh. Check out these Indian fashion YouTubers who will help you stretch that rupee.


Small tips and tricks on fashion can be the difference between chic and meh. Check out these Indian fashion YouTubers who will help you stretch that rupee.

Women across all age groups often hunt in the internet for beauty tips, creative ideas to wear outfits, make-up tips, skin/hair and personal care. If you are hunting for anything related to Indian fashion in particular, then you are at the right place.

Here’s a quick list of top Indian Fashion YouTubers that we can recommend to women across any age group. These women not only offer tips related to clothing and fashion, but a few also entertain the viewers with their good sense of humour.

Sejal Kumar

Sejal is from Delhi. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics, and is a not just an Indian fashion YouTuber, she is also a blogger. She started her channel in August 2012, that currently has 1,077K subscribers.

Apart from YouTubing, she loves to dance, act and sing. With a good sense of humour, she mentions in her blog that she wishes a day was 72 hours long so that she could do all that she liked. College goers will definitely find her videos very interesting. Her channel viewers are mostly 15-35 year old women, but anyone who loves makeup, fashion, and creativity will love her channel.

Some of her recent awards are:

  • won the Best Vlog Award 2018 in the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2018.
  • won the Best Lifestyle Blogger in Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2019.
  • was presented with the Best Youth Influencer Award by Women of Steel Summit and Awards
  • won the Fashion Account of the year 2018 Award by Instagram.

Find Sejal Kumar on YouTube here and at her blog here.

Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti began YouTubing in 2011. She has a huge subscriber following – 4091K from all around the world! She is a style guru for numerous ladies across the globe.

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Interestingly, nine people in her family make YouTube videos for a living.

Shruti’s YouTube channel is not meant fashion alone, but it has entertainment as well. She has various categories under her channel like skin, hair, and personal care, comedy videos, makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials – a few to name. My hot picks are her “henna designs” and “hairstyles tutorial” videos which are simple, quick and easy-to-follow videos. Her DIY videos as well are very creative, and people of almost any age group would fall in love with her ideas.

Find Shruti Arjun Anand on YouTube here and on Facebook here.

Komal Pandey

A woman from Delhi, Komal started fashion blogging way back in 2012. She has 792K subscribers and still counting!

She has worked as a fashion writer with POPxo.com, and later started her own video channel on YouTube, that has some really eye-catching sections like ‘Saree Draping’ and ‘One dress, many ways’. I find her ideas not only creative and unique, but affordable as well.

Find Komal Pandey on YouTube here and on Facebook here.

Shreya Jain

Shreya started her channel as early as 2010, and as of now, her subscribers are 517K. She is a self taught stylist and a makeup artist, popularly known by her YouTube channel name as ‘SJlovesJewelry’.

A year ago, this Indian fashion Youtuber also launched her own makeup line called YBP Color Creams. Her videos such as “How to style plain white kurta” and “10 ways to style the same sweater” are all simple tricks, yet very creative, practical and trendy ideas to follow. Most importantly, they are affordable.

Find Shreya Jain on YouTube here and on Facebook here.

Komal Narang

Komal Narang’s YouTube channel is named Myhappinesz, and has a  subscribers count of 323K currently. It offers a variety of videos on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Apart from being a YouTuber, she is also a blogger, and a huge social media influencer. Her videos range from shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, product reviews, to workout videos and recipes as well.

This top Indian fashion YouTuber also has a second channel named KomalVlogz. There she vlogs the days of her life, recording random days of her life including cooking, lifestyle, her pets and much more.

Find Komal Narang on YouTube here and on Facebook here.


Ankita is quite a popular Indian Fashion YouTuber who is on top of the charts, with her vlog called Corallista. She is an IITian who chose to ditch her engineering IT career and follow her passion for fashion.

Her channel has a variety of videos like tutorials, tips & tricks, DIY, and a little bit about her life outside of makeup. With 581K subscribers, she is among the top Indian Fashion YouTubers of India.

Find Ankita on YouTube here and on Facebook here.

Ri(t)ch Styles

This channel has  a huge 927K subscribers. Ri(t)ch Styles is all about the power of being beautiful, and loving your life and making it more interesting. Motherhood can mean a lot of changes but looking good needn’t take a hit as Ri(t)ch Styles shows you how it’s done!

Find Ri(t)ch Styles on YouTube here and on her blog here.

Shweta Vijay 

Shweta was born and raised in Dubai. Her love for makeup and fashion started way back in her teenage days when she started moving in the direction of modelling. She is a model and now a beauty influencer.

From being a former Miss India to a makeup and lifestyle blogger, she has her own channel which focuses on fashion, makeup, skincare, DIYs, travel, food and other random things. 

Find Shweta Vijay on YouTube here and on Facebook here.

Those are some of the top Indian fashion YouTubers that we have picked for you. Check each one of them and see who fits the best for you, and do let us know who is your favorite and why. You can also follow most of them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from their YouTube channels.

Images source: Facebook

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