10 Tips To Look Like A Fashionista When You Have A Small Budget For Your Wardrobe

You don't need to be super rich to look like a fashionista, we offer 10 tips to look fashionable even when you have a small budget.

You don’t need to be super rich to look like a fashionista, we offer 10 tips to look fashionable even when you have a small budget. 

For most of us, the excitement of getting our pay is to run to a mall and shop as much as we want to. But, the prices there might just make you sad. But, don’t let this jarring truth, worry you just because you don’t have a truckload of cash; dressing right is possible without having to spend a lot of dough.

Here are some tips that will help you build your wardrobe on a budget.

Organise Your Wardrobe

It is important for your closet to be organized to help you find clothes you want easily. Also, this will help you understand what kind of clothes you have and what needs to be bought. Arrange your wardrobe with segregations, like one section for bottoms (pants, shorts) and another for ethnic wear and so on. Your wardrobe needs to look as attractive as possible to make you love your clothes more.

Understand Your Sense Of Dressing

Now, that you have cleaned your wardrobe, the first thing you have to do after this is to give away clothes, shoes and accessories that you do not wish to have. They need not have to be worn out or torn but if they do not interest you anymore, you don’t need to have it. Also, you have to keep a check on what types of clothes suit you. If you like wearing boy-ish clothes, you would want to buy more number of tees than kurtas. Sometimes, it is not just about your interest but your physic as well. Though it is important to love yourself and not listen to judgments people make, it is equally important to look decent and well dressed.

Shop Wisely

The third step it to shop what you need. Make a list of all items you need before you hit the stores and shop with a purpose. You know exactly how much you can spend on clothes, shoes, and accessories, so bear the figures in mind while shopping. If you see something you like, don’t get carried away; if you can’t afford it, move on. The point is we often buy clothing that we don’t need and by not doing that you can save more money than any other way.

Quality > Quality

You might be tempted to purchase as much as you can, but you don’t necessarily have to wear a different outfit to work each day. So focus on quality instead of quantity and buy clothes that look classy. Select classics over trends. Remember to buy the right size. Try everything before purchasing it. Also, do not forget the list you have prepared. Most importantly, check the material and brand. You do not have to buy clothes from big brands. Think of your clothes as an investment.

Mix And Match Is The Key

Once you have most of the clothes you want, you are all ready to apply the trick of mix ‘n’ match. Remember to wear perfectly fitting clothes, unless it needs to be baggy. A checked shirt with a tank top inside and ripped jeans is always a good outfit. Choose in-trend colours like neon and big prints for classy and sober paired bottoms. When you’re unable to decide between two items, always pick the one that can be worn in different ways or paired differently with other items.

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Sale! Sale!

Look for brands that have good offers. There is end of the season sale, spring season sale and what not. You could also check for offers on portals. But, beware of the size, and fabric type. Do not choose something you like when the same piece is not available in your size.

Perfect Inners Is Important

Tight straps, loose cups or all over discomfort? Find the right size and wear the perfect colour that matches with the dress you would wear. It is important to have professionally fitted by trained shop assistants so you know your size.

Always Have The Essentials

No matter where you work or study, there will be quite a few elements that will be a part of your basic wear. Three different shaded jeans (dark blue, light blue/grey, classy black), black cocktail dress, a clutch, a blazer are some must-have in your wardrobe. Investing in these essentials is important as you’ll be building your outfits around these key pieces.

Have The Right Accessories

You need to have one classy good day bag and a simple sling bag as well. A few must-have shoes are sneaker/shoes, flip-flops, one simple black/cream coloured heel, strappy black sandal and ethnic flats. Though black is the most obvious choice of colour, deep burgurndy, dark brown or navy will also work with a lot of your clothes.

Make Your Old Clothes, New Trendy Ones!

Your old faded jeans can be made your new shorts or ripped jeans. You can also add some studs or paste a fabric sticker if you are creative enough to do that. Old baggy tee shirts can be your new trendy crop tops. Look on the internet, and cut your tees to make them good crop tops.

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