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These Easy Soup Recipes From Across The World Make For Hot, Nourishing Soups

This monsoon, cook yourself a hot, nourishing bowl of one of these soups from across the world, using these easy soup recipes.

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Kids At Home On Vacation? 10 Yummy And Easy Summer Snack Ideas

Hungry kids at home for the summer vacation? Here are 10 easy to make summer snacks for busy parents to keep the kids happy and full.

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7 Exciting Summer Camps In Pune – A Handpicked List Of Great Summer Camps This Year

This handy list of summer camps in Pune tells you some of the best stuff happening in the city this year - check out all the interesting things that kids in Pune will get to do during the summer vacations!

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10 Children’s Summer Camps In Hyderabad With Every Possible Activity You May Like!

Live in Hyderabad and wondering what to do this summer? Find here some of the most interesting summer camps in Hyderabad for kids this year, offering creative, unusual activities. 

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5 Exciting Must-Try Summer Camps In Chennai Just For Your Child

Looking for summer camps in Chennai to send your child to? This list of unusual summer camps in Chennai is just what you need!

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Summer camps in Bangalore
6 Summer Camps In Bangalore For Your Ever Creative & Curious Child!

Want your children to have fun in a creative and interesting way? Here's our list of some interesting summer camps in Bangalore!

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Summer camps in Delhi NCR
7 Great Summer Camps In Delhi NCR To Keep Your Kids Happy This Summers!

These summer camps in Delhi and the broader NCR region will have something to suit every child's tastes - check them out and take your pick.

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Summer camps in Mumbai
6 Exciting Summer Camps In Mumbai For Your Child To Learn & Grow!

These summer camps in Mumbai bring you great options to let your child have fun while learning something this summer. Choose for your child!

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Want To Know What Feminism Really Is? Check Out These 10 Feminist Books For Anyone Above 18

Are you above 18 and identify as a feminist? Or want to find out what feminism is all about? Here are 10 feminist books for you to read.

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9 Things That Our Readers Would Like To Tell Their Teenage Selves If They Could

We asked you, our readers, what you would want to tell your teenage self today, if you could. Here are some of your answers.

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Are The Murthal Rape Cases Being Hushed Up? Victim Silencing As Usual?

10 women were allegedly pulled out of cars on the Chandigarh-Delhi Highway NH-1, and raped by Jats near Murthal

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How I Realized That I’d Grown Up To Become A Woman

Growing up in adolescence also means coming to terms with one’s changing body. A funny story.

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A Father Apologizes To His Daughter: Why Are Household Chores A Woman’s Job?

This new ad by ariel makes a poignant point not only questioning, why household chores are mostly done by women but trying to answer who is really responsible for it. Housewives are often labeled as ‘women who do not work’, or probably the vice-versa.  We are used to saying, “She doesn’t work. She is a housewife”. […]

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Robin Chaurasiya Is Nominated For A Global Teachers Award For Her Work With The Girls Of Red Light Areas

Robin Chaurasiya is nominated for a global prize for teachers, a kind of Oscars for the teaching profession by the U.K.-based Varkey Foundation. When you think of Girls’ education in Mumbai’s Red Light District, the first thing that will come to your mind is Robin Chaurasiya. Her life story stands out amongst other inspiring tales we hear […]

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Serving 9 years in Liberia Successfully, India’s First All-women UN Peacekeeping Unit Returned home

After serving nine years in Liberia, India’s first all-women UN peacekeeping unit has returned home on 14th February. They are world’s first unit to do so. Here’s a story of a team of brave hearts who spent nine years in the war-torn African region of Liberia protecting the country and motivating countless women to join the defense […]

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Oh, The Pressure To Have A Valentine? It Can Really Get To The Single Girl!

So, Valentine's Day is over. A college girl speaks of the pressure to have a valentine, in the time of social media updates!

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8 Places Where You Can Enjoy Delicious Street Food In Chennai, And That Too Under A Small Budget

The street food of Chennai is something you should try atleast once in your lifetime. Chennai’s food is much more than Idli and Dosa. In a country like India, one can never complain about the lack of diversity and tradition. The same is with the numerous kinds of food served in different states. In this […]

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Aparna Kumar Becomes India’s First Civil Servant To Scale The Tallest Peak In Antarctica

UP IPS officer Aparna Kumar has become the country's first civil servant to scale Mount Vinson Massif, which is the highest peak in the Antarctica.

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6 Places Where You Can Enjoy Delicious Street Food In Hyderabad, And That Too Under A Small Budget

Street food in Hyderabad is something to die for. Here are 7 places you must visit for its delicacies and that too for a reasonable price.

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10 Tips To Look Like A Fashionista When You Have A Small Budget For Your Wardrobe

You don't need to be super rich to look like a fashionista, we offer 10 tips to look fashionable even when you have a small budget.

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Mumbai Gets Its First LGBT Taxi Services To Be Launched In India

India gets its first radio taxi services to be chauffeured by the LGBT community in Mumbai. It is expected to start functioning by 2017.

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Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi, Becomes The Face Of Leading Indian Clothing Label

A famous Indian clothing brand has launched Laxmi, an acid attack survivor as the face for there campaign, 'Face of Courage.'

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The Curious Case Of Menstruating Women and Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala Temple does not allow women in their reproductive age to enter the temple. On Monday the Supreme Court has asked temple authorities to explain the ban.

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