6 Places Where You Can Enjoy Delicious Street Food In Hyderabad, And That Too Under A Small Budget

Street food in Hyderabad is something to die for. Here are 7 places you must visit for its delicacies and that too for a reasonable price.

Street food in Hyderabad is something to die for. Here are 6 places you must visit for its delicacies and that too for a reasonable price.

The long lanes of stalls set in different streets in Hyderabad do not just attract the local Hyderabadis but every intrepid traveler who would love to take a bite and enjoy the tastes that you might not find in any other city in India. Street food often reflects traditional local cultures and exists in an endless variety. While there are plenty of expensive and mainstream restaurants that offer similar but priced food, street food has its variations and is available in a fraction of restaurants’ prices. Here are a few famous locations that will take you to the tastes of some authenticate dishes in Hyderabad.

The Old City Magic!



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For any traveler, Old City is a must-visit place. Apart from the beautiful architecture that includes the magnificent Charminar, Hyderabad’s Old City is a place for some yummy dishes too. If you’re a Haleem lover (sorry veggies), or if you haven’t tasted Haleem before, the Pista House in Charminar is the place you need to visit. Apart from Haleem, Pista House offers Kebabs, Biryani and lots more. For some shopaholics, can anything beat yummy food and shopping?

Did You Taste The Evergreen Chachiji Wadapav?


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This little stall in Sindhi Colony will give you a complete flavor of how a Wadapav and Dabeli should really taste like and not cost much either. From Bombay Chat, Wadapav and Dabeli, to soda and Kulfi, you can plan a dinner date at the cheapest prices with the yummiest food in this colony. To relish with some food other than the local Hyderabad tastes, visit this long lane behind Paradise, Secunderabad that is a house to street food from cities across the country. For pan lovers, Dimmy’s pan palace is a large store catering exclusive pan that will complete your meal.

For Night Owls


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Amidst those busy streets that serve you clothing shops, electronics and what not, places like Koti and Abids have some vendors and peddlers who serve yummy street food. Lakshman ki Bandi and Ram Ki Bandi are favourite among the residents of the Hyderabad who are ever so often in the mood for a south Indian repast. Known for their spicy dosas with cheese and paneer toppings, they have various South Indian dishes suited to the local palate. These places, especially Ram Ki Bandi, are late night South Indian treat for food lovers. The famous Gokul Chat in Koti is the place for some yummy Samosa Ragada and Dahi items. You can always treat yourself with the kulfi sold outside. Don’t be too sad looking at crowd. Sometimes, good food takes time.

Biryani Is A Must



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No Hyderabadi can tell you just one place for tasty and authenticate Biryani. A famous dish of the Mughlas, Biryani has as many variations as you can think of. Bawarchi or Paradise, choose the nearest Biryani Point and give your tummy some good lunch! Goat meat, marinated with spice, is placed in the middle of utensil, inside the Basmati rice and is covered and kept under fire to cook. The flavor of the meat and the spices get absorbed into the rice and gives it the delicious taste. Veggies do not have to worry. Vegetable Biryani is equally tasty!

Flavours From Golkonda



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Are you a Samosa lavarrr? Even you’re not; please push yourself to stalls near the Golkonda Fort. Some special snacks are egg bondas, mirchi bhajjis, onion pakoras and samosas and punugulu. Punugulu are chops made of Dosa batter with south Indian ‘chutney’. You can munch with your snacks, sold with chilies and lemon, while you take your trip to the ancient beauty- Golkonda Fort.

Chicken Shawarma



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These are meat of chicken stuck on an iron rod over a heating machine which keeps on roasting the chicken to make it edible enough. It is served in a Chapatti roll with mayonnaise and vegetables to make it tasty. There are a number of places that serve you Shawarma- both in veg and non-veg. Madina Shawarma and Juice Centre, Grill 9 and Shawarma Express are some popular stalls that serve Shawarma.

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