Meet Akshya Agarwal, Lighting Up Homes With Her Candles And Curios

Lighting the homes in the most beautiful way is Akshya Agarwal of Bhrti- Home Decor by Akshya Agarwal.

Lighting the homes in the most beautiful way is Akshya Agarwal of Bhrti- Home Decor by Akshya Agarwal.

“An average day starts from thinking about how we can come out with something innovative,” muses Akshya Agarwal. This drive for innovation and the motivation to do something different is what made her create Bhrti- Home Decor by Akshya Agarwal.

Coming from a business family where everyone does business, Akshya grew up wanting to be an entrepreneur on her own accord. Her father runs the very popular company Bhrti impex since 25 years and her sister is a successful designer. She considers her father a key source of inspiration which prodded her to pursue her dream. Along with that the push provided by her sister’s guidance was what led her to create the home décor brand of hers in November 2015, while she was still doing her MBA, which was completed in 2016.

The drive to ‘do something’ on her own

When she decided she wanted to do something, Akshya did a lot of research on candle making. She focused on what’s available and not available in the market at that point in time.

The idea of making candles with beeswax was not an idea caught from the air but a well thought through one. There were not many people who sell scented soy candles and none who make them in beeswax and hence she started that. These candles are smokeless and eco-friendly.

Her company makes these candles in different fragrances and also designer candles customized to customer needs. Hand-carved brass and onyx made articles are the other products that she has which makes her line a niche one.


Using her background

As an MBA she feels that brings a lot of advantage to the way she looks at things. A skill that was able to enhance was her problem solving one. Many of the techniques that she learnt there helps her in decision making. One exercise she remembers from college which proved to be a fruitful learning experience was when she was asked to play the role of a specific CEO and play out the results of various decisions made. Apart from these the many frameworks that she learnt in college helps her in structuring the business and thought process.

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Being a part of a business family she was part of her father’s organization since 4 years and helping out which enriched her experienced and made her path smoother.

Working hands-on

As candle making is a creative process giving a hands-on product, she loves it. She says “The biggest joy is that I myself can do something creative on my own and that enhanced my self-motivation.”



When employing people to do the work, the basics of candle making are taught earnestly to them as for her, the quality of the product is important to her. As her products are customized, she gets involved in the creation to ensure that it’s as per customer’s needs. She knows that her customers come back to her because of this quality of material used and attention to detail that she provides. To move towards her next vision for the firm’s future she’s already working on her scented candle range and scented pillar candles.

The journey

In the beginning manufacturing and procurement of material were the substantial roadblocks. With her father’s help and guidance she was able to move them and embark in her chosen path. Her products are currently available on various web portals like, ,, etc. Her firm also does wholesale exports.

IMG_20160606_183849Looking forward

Business may be in her blood and candle making her forte, however she has an active passion in photography. She indulges herself in this passion of hers by maintaining a very active blog. She also loves visiting every lounge and café in the city.

Akshya says that it’s the time for women entrepreneurs as she says, “Women are creative from birth”. The current times she says is perfect for women to explore their key strengths and go ahead and do their best. Success is something that will follow right behind.

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Image source: Akshya Agarwal


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