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How A Writing Internship Became My Gurukul To Get Real

Despite a demanding full-time job, I decided to take up a writing internship. Here's the how, what and why of it.

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Kitchen Appliances Galore. So What Are You Buying This Festive Season?

Do kitchen appliances make life easier or is it just a fad to make the creator’s pocket heavier?

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How Shweta Nimkar turned Her Passion Into A High Profile Business That Makes You Customized Shoes

Shweta Nimakar turned a hobby into a business. PAIO shoes, where uniquely designed shoes with customer driven customizations are available.

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How Rohini Vij’s Dream Of A Space For Children In Kanpur Has Bloomed Into This Cheerful Place

Busy parents often don't know how to keep their children productively engaged and interested. Rohini Vij started NutSpace in Kanpur to address this need.

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How Rashmi Sathe Realized Her Dream Of Nurturing Tiny Bookworms With This Library In Nagpur

Rashmi Sathe found out that there was no library for children in Nagpur, where she moved after marriage. So she came up with her own Reading Rabbits Library.

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Moving To A New Home? These Quirky Stories By Our Readers Are Amazing

A home of your own is one of life’s great achievements and we invest all our love and focus on it. Here are some lovely stories of moving to a new home.

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Here’s The Who’s Who Of Indian Women Athletes At The Rio Olympics 2016

It is barely 2 weeks to go for the big event, so here is a roundup of Indian women athletes at the Rio Olympics starting on 5th August 2016. 

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Meet The Multitalented Sachi Singh With Her Designer Jewelry, Music, And Movies

Sachi Singh of ‘Kawachi’ makes her jewellery do the singing leaving with the audience with the only option of ‘Hogaya Pyar’.

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Want Perfectly Fitting Lingerie? Meet Jayshree Gupta of Cazaro

Jayshree Gupta of Cazaro guides women by being their ‘Lingerie Doctor’, where they consult with her about the right fit.

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Dalit women writers
14 Dalit Women Writers You Must Read

14 Dalit women writers that must read who are writing about struggle as a woman from the margins of society in both fiction and nonfiction.

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Meet Akshya Agarwal, Lighting Up Homes With Her Candles And Curios

Lighting the homes in the most beautiful way is Akshya Agarwal of Bhrti- Home Decor by Akshya Agarwal.

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Isn’t It Time Dad Stepped Up And Became A More Hands-On Parent? [#Father’sDaySpecial]

Mom has always been the default parent. It’s time for fathers to step up, though. Fathers talking to kids would be a welcome social change!

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Mansoor Khan, Better Known As The Director Of QSQT, Is A Father Who Believes In A Reality Check [#Father’sDaySpecial]

Mansoor Khan, the erstwhile director of QSQT, runs a farmstay Acres Wild with his wife Tina, believes in showing the mirror of reality to his children.

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Being A Hands-on Father Is Vital, Says Subodh Sankar Of Atta Galatta [#Father’sDaySpecial]

Subodh Sankar, who owns the iconic Bangalore bookstore and cafe Atta Galatta with his wife Lalitha Lakshmi, is a hands on father to his 16 year old daughter.

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