Want Perfectly Fitting Lingerie? Meet Jayshree Gupta of Cazaro

Jayshree Gupta of Cazaro guides women by being their ‘Lingerie Doctor’, where they consult with her about the right fit.

Jayshree Gupta of Cazaro guides women by being their ‘Lingerie Doctor’, where they consult with her about the right fit.

When Jayshree Gupta graduated from Ruparel College and joined the aviation industry with an IATA degree in hand, she was realizing her career aspirations.

In the aviation industry she got introduced to, and understood the importance of being well-groomed. This was when she came face to face of a problem most women faced – not getting well fitted lingerie, something that could cause lasting back and shoulder strain. She searched everywhere in India but it was when she travelled internationally that she finally found one brand that she fell in love with ‘Panache’. This is her go-to brand even now.

Shopping for the right fit

Her understanding of the plight of women not finding the right lingerie was the start of her research. The most important understanding was that most women don’t even realize the importance of wearing a well fitting one. All this led to her creating Cazaro in 2009, to create this understanding and directing women to an important aspect of their wardrobe. “My passion became reality,” she says about this.

For women going to a store and picking a lingerie is not looked upon as an interesting task. I know most of us would want to just go finish it off by going and telling the salesman “bhaiya ye size dena,” or maximum exploration would be “bhaiya ye strapless mein milega?” It’s with great embarrassment that we finish the ‘task’ and run away from there. With the advent of malls there were definitely more saleswomen who are at the lingerie section but again with not much advice or help to give. The only addition is they would tell us, “Ma’am you can try it,” when asked about the relative merits of a particular bra.

The USP of Cazaro is Jayshree’s fitting sessions

Though it took time for women to get used to this idea, it were these sessions that have made some of her customers realize what it is that they need to look for. It’s this personalized connect which makes her customers come back to her and also take her from being just a seller to a friend whom they can confide in.

The importance of her fitting sessions can be best explained in Jayshree’s own words. “All fittings are memorable as all are unique and different. But the most memorable one was when I received a call from a man after he read my article in the Bombay Times. He was looking for the right fit lingerie for his wife as she was a plus size and didn’t know where to go, who to ask.

He booked an appointment and both came to visit me. During the appointment I really felt the pain she was going through as she was very shy, her confidence level was low, she had begun avoiding social outings, and health problems had cropped up due to non-availability of the right bra. Also she closely shared that they both were totally against surgery. But post my fittings and providing the right bra she was dancing with joy and never looked back. Happiness in her eyes was my victory”.

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Now she has a clientele who depend on her for advice on good lingerie for them and more importantly to introduce their daughters to good lingerie.

Focus on customizing

It was not an easy journey for Jayshree when she started out. “Lack of awareness about a woman’s body changes, non-availability of sizes beyond standard body-type and uninformed salespeople have given rise to Cazaro’s offering personal fit consulting sessions in the studio, and products catering to a wide range of sizes from B to K cups. Perfectly fitted lingerie is the root to a good image and the end to all lingerie related health issues. At Cazaro we offer just that,” says Jayshree.

Her line is catering to mainly plus sizes because she understood the problem lies there. As she says, “plus size women find it very difficult to find their sizes which affects their overall image and health.”

Online shopping for lingerie is another trend that is catching up. The advantage of it is that you don’t have to stand in front of someone and give away sizes and intricate details like lace, cup size, strapless, etc. Some filters take care of it all at the click of your fingers literally. However there have been many times that once it reaches you, you are disappointed, as what looked so perfect on the model does not look so good on you, it also does not look as good for this dress. And it goes to the bottom of your lingerie compartment.

This is where Jayshree Gupta’s Cazaro comes to the rescue. As she says “with more & more of the young female IMG-20160701-WA0017population buying innerwear online, there is a huge need for right fitting and a healthy environment that needs to be addressed. Cazaro Lingerie is addressing issues with its in-house lingerie consultation solutions to provide the right lingerie with perfect fitting to feel comfortable buying underwear in public. Cazaro has successfully delivered in-house consultation services since 2009, which has been well received and endorsed by over thousands of recurring customers.”

After having established herself with her brand in the market, now she is ready to launch her ‘in-house’ brand. She has worked only with her own personal funding till now. It took a lot of push to now move to outside funding. However as in any business, this is something which is necessary to scale to new heights.

The testimonials on her site are proof of how her customers are the reason that Cazaro is moving forward in their journey.

People look upon her as the ‘Lingerie Doctor’ and each consultation with her makes them go back happy.

Some important advice she has for women when they shop for lingerie

Band – Should fit perfectly – not too tight and definitely not loose. A good band ensures you get the best support and this is essential to avoid the breast bounce factor primarily.

Cup – Breast tissue should be contained here and not spill over. If you feel your breasts are floating, it’s probably a bigger size and you should opt for a smaller one.

Underwire – If present, it should sit in the rib cage and not dig into the breast tissue.

Straps – When shopping for a sports bra, choose one in which straps are adjustable. As with any normal bra, these sports bra straps can also be loose and fall off, which is not something you wish to encounter in a marathon run.

Going forward

“Firstly I would like to give credit to my husband as my strength, and also to critics who motivated me to keep moving and continuously work harder. Secondly my family and friends – as they are key for your startup. Last but not the least my clients who never allowed me to give up on my passion,” she says. Her instant recharging factor is to go back and read her testimonials. Meeting with her friends and venting out gets her going again.

Her advice to women who want to start their business would be “Never give up”. She says from experience that “There would be many ups and downs. Never lose hope and work towards your passion, as passion can make a huge difference. Most things of lasting value take time and discipline to achieve. And lastly, always think positive. Optimism can help you get through any hurdle that time throws at you, the choice is yours – TO-BE or NOT-TO-BE!”

Learn more about Cazaro at their website here and their Facebook page here.

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Images source: Jayshree Gupta


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