Meet The Multitalented Sachi Singh With Her Designer Jewelry, Music, And Movies

Sachi Singh of ‘Kawachi’ makes her jewellery do the singing leaving with the audience with the only option of ‘Hogaya Pyar’.

Sachi Singh of ‘Kawachi’ makes her jewellery do the singing leaving with the audience with the only option of ‘Hogaya Pyar’.

“Doors are for people with no imagination”. — Derek Landy.

In Sachi Singh’s case there are no such doors and only imagination and creativity that keeps her going each day. For a graduate of economics of finance she would have got into a profession that would have got her a job that would let her go home to relax after a day of playing with numbers. However that’s not where her calling was and she moved to Mumbai. “With a creative bend of mind, I was not satisfied with just punching numbers.” Says Sachi.

A week back when I looked into Sachi Singh’s profile I told my editor to give me some more time to understand what she does. Is it true that one person is a jewelry designer, music director and also written and produced short movies? Whoa! All that put into one definitely makes her an all-rounder and the first thing I wonder is how she manages all this. It’s with great intrigue that I went in pursuit of Sachi’s journey.

Sachi’s journey is a creative pursuit of sorts. She landed in the city of dreams, Mumbai carrying with her, some of her own dreams. Along with the dreams the other thing she was sure of was that nothing comes in a platter hence she had no qualms in putting in the right effort.

She quickly got herself trained in screen writing. This led to her writing and producing some short films like ‘To Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi’,’Triveni’, ‘Double Shuffle’, etc. This cinematic experience as she says taught her “to inspire and engage the audience from a piece of art that I was involved in creating.” She also indulged in the dynamic field of advertising.

Jewelry as we know is changing forms, purpose and designs. Gone are the days when it was only gold jewelry that attracted women. Moreoever it’s not only women who wear jewelry these days, men also have given in to their interests. I would say as everything else we are going back to times where there was presence of jewelry worn by men too which is proven in some of the Indus Valley excavations. Sachi’s exploration and innovations in jewelry shows her keen eye to latest fashion and how she connects to the young generation with them. Each piece would make an excellent style statement.

Being a globe trotter Sachi ensures that she picks up her design inspiration from around the world. Her collection which goes by the name ‘Kawachi’ as she says includes range which is “From bridal jewelry to everyday wear, from men’s exclusive jewelry like studded cuff-links, ties, belts, shoes to exclusive masterpieces, my design aesthetics are simple easy to wear quirky jewelry.”

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Some of her joyous moments have been when she had to design for celebrities. “The biggest joy was when I designed exclusive masterpieces and showcased my collection at London Fashion Week and done a collaborative show with ace designer Rohit Bal and when I styled international DJ’s and singers and Bollywood celebrities like Jackie Shroff, Ira Dubey, Kunal Kapoor, Prachi Mishra.”

On asking Sachi as to how she manages doing all these professions together she says, “All three profiles are entwined for me. As I tend to use my exclusive accessories in my music video. And while designing my jewels, I exactly know which video or artist I could use them on. Thus these profiles are creative and creative profiles need no time to manage they just flow in and work together to form something epic.”

Indeed that explains how it seems effortless to us but definitely not a cake walk for her. As she says, “At times it becomes hectic that I can’t even differentiate between day and night, weekends and week days.”

As Sachi’s dreams have come true this definitely did not come without of course some initial glitches. Her pet peeve was to get the artist to understand her vision and this from experience she has understood that “I had to be more informative about my vision with presentation and drafts. Verbal presentation would just not be enough here.”

Her deserving biggest high point came in the form of a hit song ‘Hogaya Pyar‘ a hit romantic number by Indo-American pop sensation Mickey Singh. One other thing to look out in her video is her jewelry used in it. The butterfly ring in this video is the star.

In this journey of ups and downs it’s impossible to remain rooted and move forward for anyone without a supportive home front. She feels that they are always with her even when she’s travelling as they get involved in her work. The other factor which keeps her going is her drive to remain fit. In spite of being part of environment which is forever demanding and crazy hours she does not miss her morning workout.

Her journey revealing her creative process is an ongoing one and each aspect is revealing a new her. As she took reins of her dreams and took them forward she would wish the same for others by saying “Balance your life! Everything is important in life, family, work, relaxation. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Set up time line to achieve your goals.”


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Image source: Sachi Singh.


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