11 Jobs After BA Sociology Or Higher, That Are Great Career Options!

Looking for jobs after BA Sociology? Here are 11 career options that you could check out and see how they work for you.

You want to study Sociology as the subject fascinates you, but are confused about jobs after BA Sociology? No worries – we have curated a list of 11 professions that you can explore.

Psychology and Sociology are twin subjects, except one studies the individual, and the other studies society. In terms of career choice, the former has been on the rise for quite some time now, while the latter is gaining its due popularity now.

Often in India, the biggest problem that a student faces when choosing a subject to graduate in is – will you get a job? Lack of information and prejudice against the Humanities has further created this chasm between Humanities and STEM. While STEM students are assured of a good career, jobs after BA Sociology, Psychology, and many other Humanities subjects remain a problem in the minds of parents and students alike.

But times are changing, and students and their parents are now able to gain information more easily, dissipating the doubts and prejudices against Humanities and its branches.

There are a diverse multitude of options for jobs after BA in Sociology from medicine to marketing; one just has to look bit ahead! We have picked 11 career options for you to pick from and explore.

Policy Analyst

As the words suggest, the job of a policy analyst is to analyse a public policy— what worked, what did not, the effects on the population, and making recommendations.

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