switching from non-IT to IT
8 Programmes In India For Switching From Non-IT To IT Careers

Do you want a career change? Here are 8 programmes that will help women switching from non-IT to IT careers in India!

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Want To Up-Skill? Do It At These BEST Women’s Leadership Programmes In India
women's leadership programmes

What are the top Women's Leadership Programmes in India? And why are they essential to women who want to lead, in any field?

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How To Change Your Name And Gender Legally Everywhere?
How To Change Your Name And Gender Legally Everywhere?

How to change your name and gender legally? We have demystified the key aspects of social, medical and legal transitioning in India.

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7 Key IT Certification Courses To Give A Kickstart To Your Tech Career
IT certification courses

Tech is both the present and the future. Why not do some of these IT certification courses early in your career to give you a firm foothold?

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7 Second Career For Women Options, Especially Humanities & Non-Tech Graduates
second career for women

Check out these great options for a second career for women graduates from Humanities, who have taken a break from their careers.

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How To Become A Freelancer In India And Ensure Max Freelance Earnings
how to become a freelancer

How to become a freelancer in India? Barkha Shah shares her learnings as a freelance digital marketing strategist and writer, to help you maximise freelance earnings.

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