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bhavani is an independent fiction and non-fiction writer. She has crafted over 20 heritage walking tours for Audio Compass and has over 70 non-fiction articles published in leading national and international magazines, newspapers and netzines. Her short fiction was the winner of the 2016 Out of Print-DNA contest. Her fiction has been published at Out of Print, DNA, Women’s Web, Tell Me Your Story and will feature in the upcoming issue of Spark. Her fiction will also be in a soon-to-be-released anthology. In a dedicated relationship with her husband, chocolate, her puppy and lower case, though not necessarily in that order, bhavani lives in Mumbai and loves working from home though misses the daily dose of office gossip.

Voice of bhavani

Cat-ah-pil-ah! [#ShortStory Winner – Muse Of The Month]

“Cocooned for fourteen days, limited in space and movement, completely transformed. Yet she is still herself.” A short story. Here is the third winner of our December 2016 Muse of the Month contest, Bhavani. The cue for this month was “There is love and understanding in this knowledge. There is sorrow.” – Namita Gokhale, Shakuntala: The Play of Memory. Cat-ah-pil-ah! […]

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Does Having A Woman Boss Guarantee Success For A Woman?

A friend interviewed for a job but the barrier for her was the female boss. Is having a woman boss that difficult?

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Why the Moon Rose Again [#ShortStory]

"Instead of telling the moon to feel better maybe he should let the moon figure his worth for himself."

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Kareena’s Bump Brings The Female Gaze To A Grand Finale

Kareena Kapoor walked the ramp at the Lakme Fashion Week and put the focus on celebrating pregnancy and motherhood as a normal for women. 

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Cooking With Organic Food. Yet Another Job For Overworked Women?

Though the family's nutrition has mostly been a woman's responsibility, the recent stress on cooking with organic food, can put too much on the modern women's plate!

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“I Like Stories Where Women Save Themselves.”

The first winner for the Women's Web JustBooks Book Talk writing theme is all about women in books who save themselves, sans knight in shining armour.

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6 Excellent Reasons Women Should Make The First Move When Dating

Why do we still believe men need to be the first movers when it comes to dating? Here are 6 great reasons for women should make the first move too!

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Blending In – The Mauritian Potpourri

A nation where salwar kameez-wearing women with mangalsutras only speak French, what you didn't know about Mauritius and its people could amaze you.

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Flighty Thoughts

How does a Princess go about getting the man of her dreams? And is she really asking for too much if she needs gentleness and some goodness?

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Maragoo’s World

Sometimes, the worlds in our heads are way better than reality. Here's a glimpse into one such world.

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