How To Become A Freelancer In India And Ensure Max Freelance Earnings

How to become a freelancer in India? Barkha Shah shares her learnings as a freelance digital marketing strategist and writer, to help you maximise freelance earnings.

You could either decide that going freelance is the career option for you from the beginning, or begin freelancing when you take a break for any reason. For women, it usually happens on a motherhood break. But can you ensure enough income on your freelance earnings? How to become a freelancer when you don’t have much experience and excel in it enough to support yourself? That’s what I want to speak about.

When a woman decides to have a baby, there are a lot of questions that come to her mind.

  • Am I ready for it?
  • Will my life change?
  • Will I be able to handle it?
  • What about my career?
  • Can I have it all?

I had the same questions too – and perhaps more. I may not have had the answers to all, but I knew one thing – When it came to time, I wanted to spend a bulk of it with my child. This realization spurred the shift in my career. I knew I would not be able to handle a full-time career at this juncture, if wanting to spend quantity and quality time with my child mattered more. That led me to the next best option – part-time, freelance work. But I had to think through – how to become a freelancer as a beginner in this field? How to earn well as a freelancer?

How to become a freelancer after you have been in full time work – the tough decision

How to become a freelancer, switching from a full time, well-paying career to earning as a freelancer? It is not an easy call.

Besides the lack of stability and the uncertainties of bagging projects, you need to accept that freelance earnings will not match to your full time earnings, at least in the initial stages. Loans and financial burdens could compel you to stay full time and reach out to extended family or professional help (nannies/crèches) for support instead.

Also, you need to keep in mind, that not all job options have the flexibility of switching to part time. Mine, in the digital marketing and writing space, fortunately did. So, I used that in my favour. I realized that pitching and hustling would be something that I would need to do now, as without it new projects would not fall into my lap. Reaching out to my previous employers and colleagues helped me get started.

It takes time for you and others, to adjust to the new lifestyle

The first year with a baby is tough. Add to that the shift in your professional path. So, if you feel lost, disheartened, and start doubting your decision to become a freelancer, realize that it is normal.

Also, besides you, it is tough for people around you to understand and respect your new work-from-home, part-time career.

A former, full time journalist and now a freelance writer, once quipped, “People think that if you do freelance writing jobs or work from home, you are free. Guests drop in unannounced, and domestic chores pile up without the right support. It gets tough to explain the freelance world to someone who is not a part of it. So, the respect that a full time job gets, is diluted in the freelance world.”

Growing your freelance earnings

The best advantage of going freelance is being able to pick projects based on your time availability. However, finding the right projects is not an easy task. Freelance earnings can ebb and flow.

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In this article, we will cover different aspects of how to become a freelancer, and max your earnings as a freelancer:

  • How to decide that going freelance is the career for you
  • How to use the online world to your advantage
  • how do you build a portfolio
  • How to find clients,
  • How to price services and avoid getting scammed
  • How to deal with conflict
  • How to generate testimonials and win more clients,
  • A handy list of best freelance websites in India and overseas to register at.
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