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Kids Peeking Into Your Call Isn’t A Cardinal Offence, As Most Workplaces Have Discovered

Women have always worked with one foot at work and the other at home, because they are expected to. Not so impossible, after all, as everyone working from home has discovered. 

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They Managed Our Daily World For Us; Will We Do Justice By Them When They Need Us?

During the lockdown, we had a humanitarian crisis of sorts, when thousands of daily wage workers, while we were safe with our privileges. Now that they might be back, are we going to be fair?

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Why Being A Working Wife And DIL Is NOT As Empowering As I Thought It Would Be!

Does being an earning member of the family make it easier on women, especially after marriage? I thought so, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

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Will You Pay Your Domestic Help The Full Salary For These Months Of Lockdown?
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Have you thought about your house helps? How many of you will be paying their full salary in spite of them not coming in this lockdown?

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Only 15% Of Employers Paid Domestic Workers During The Pandemic. Are You Among Them?

The great Indian middle class has abdicated its responsibilities to domestic workers, indicates a new survey.

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As An Entrepreneur, Here Are 7 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated As Lockdown Extends

It's been work from home for most of us for weeks now; if you're an employer, how can you keep your employees motivated in this work from home phase?

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