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Is It A Good Idea To Change Your Job During The COVID-19 Lockdown Period?

We're learning a new skill - Change Agility - as we struggle through this lockdown. We're building a critical 21st century skill. But is it the time for a change in jobs?

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Will Women Working From Home Finally Get Their Due Now That ‘Home’ Is Just A Location To Work From?

I hope people realize that “home” is just a location to work from. “Work” is non-negotiable and constant while “home” or “office” are the variables.

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Her Passion… Dormant No More!

Those were foolish dreams. What good can come from leaving a monthly paying job to pursue something so irrationally unstable?

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Tharoor’s Tweet On Menstrual Leave For Women Has Started A Critical Debate
period leaves petition

Shashi Tharoor's tweet about supporting period leave petition might well have begun a discussion that is essential to have - on women's menstrual health.

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As A Former HR Professional, This Is The Most Ridiculous Question I’ve Ever Answered!

The question I had been asking my interviewees, seemed so irrelevant, practically idiotic! You see, what Karma does. Life comes a full circle, I thought.

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7 Ways To Curb Workplace Negativity And Create A Happier Work Environment

A number of offices have seen a drop in harmony among peers due to a negative office culture. Here are seven ways to deal with negativity in the office.

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