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Institute of Designing Jaipur
My Mom Purnima Varma Is A Pioneer; An Entrepreneur Who Built Lives, Not Just Institutions

Let me share with pride the story of my mother Purnima Varma, who created the Institute of Designing in Jaipur, that educated and built the lives of many. 

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What Is The Real Reason Women Don’t Get Equal Recognition Of Their Work?

An unasked question you see in many eyes. A loud question many choose to ignore. Why don’t women get equal recognition? A conversation with a colleague on gender bias is what led to this thought. “I have completed the projects assigned, brought new ideas to the table, and have client appreciation too. Yet, internally there […]

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If You Have BIG Writerly Dreams (Like Them), Let’s Talk About How To Get Published In India
How to get published in India

You're a writer who wants to make a career of your passion. Even if you can turn a phrase and weave a story wonderfully, getting published is a whole different ballgame.

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Is Ambition In Women A Good Idea Or Not? The Jury Is Still Out On That, Even In 2019
ambition in women

Without the inclusion of its women in the workforce, India's dream of being a great revered nation will remain just that, a dream. But when will we support ambition in women and make it easier for them?

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10 Exceptional Working Women Share Why Work Adds Such Meaning To Their Lives
getting to equal

Having a career and the financial independence it means creates an identity for women beyond their traditional roles in homes. Which is why workplace equality should be a given.

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7 Reasons Why 68% Educated Urban Indian Women Are Unemployed Despite Better Education

With better literacy and education for women in India, one would suppose that their employment rates also increase. The reality, however, is different. Let's see why.

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