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Short Guide On How To Prepare For The Freelancer Career
Short Guide On How To Prepare For A Freelance Career

Freelancing isn't just a job change; it's a career shift that requires planning, perseverance, and continuous skill enhancement.

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4 Myths Debunked By Women In The Workplace Report 2023
McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2023 report

2023 Women at Work Report exposes myths, empowers change for fairness, and dives into workplace experiences for a more equal future.

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For Female Freelancers: 14 Most Common Freelancing Questions
most common freelancing questions

Here are 14 most common freelancing questions that you should check, epically if you are an Indian woman starting your career as a freelancer.

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7 Work From Home Essentials That Are A Must’ve In India!
7 Work From Home Essentials That Are Must In India!

Are you working from home? Here are 7 work from home essentials that are a must-have in your home office set up!

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Just What You Need If You’re Trying To Return To Work!

A tribute to women reclaiming professional identities, confidence, financial freedom and agency. Finding a way to have a career that works for their lives. And them being Found Again after being "missing" from the workforce.

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How To Become A Freelancer In India And Ensure Max Freelance Earnings
how to become a freelancer

How to become a freelancer in India? Barkha Shah shares her learnings as a freelance digital marketing strategist and writer, to help you maximise freelance earnings.

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