Short Guide On How To Prepare For A Freelance Career

Freelancing isn't just a job change; it's a career shift that requires planning, perseverance, and continuous skill enhancement.

Starting afresh or re-entering the workforce after a career break can be challenging, especially for women. Freelancing often emerges as a viable option, offering flexibility and diverse work opportunities.

Here is a short guide on things to remember and be prepared for before you embark on a freelance career.

Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of freelancing, the steps to get started, and essential considerations for success.

Cons of freelancing

Inconsistent work

Projects might end abruptly, leading to gaps in assignments and delayed payments.

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Breaking through in a competitive market can be demanding initially.

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Lack of job benefits

Traditional job benefits like insurance, paid leaves, or a steady income stream may not be available.

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Adjustment challenges

A freelancer’s irregular routine might require time to adapt for those accustomed to structured work hours.

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Financial instability

Without a fixed salary, managing finances might be challenging, especially during lean periods.

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Absence of guidance

Freelancers regularly work independently without mentors or managers to provide direction.

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Pros of freelancing


Freelancers have the liberty to set their deadlines and work hours, offering more control over their schedules.

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Diverse work opportunities

Exploring various roles simultaneously, from voice-over artist to Mehendi designer, allows for diverse skill utilization.

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Creative freedom

Freelancing provides ample room for creativity, fostering a sense of satisfaction in one’s work.

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Learning and networking

Collaborating with different people in various environments brings invaluable learning experiences.

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Unlike traditional employment under a boss, freelancers are answerable directly to clients, providing a sense of autonomy.

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Unlimited Earning Potential

The absence of a fixed salary allows for greater earnings based on the quantity and quality of work.

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How to begin a career as a freelancer?

Skill identification

List your skills and passions—whether it’s photography, content writing, SEO, or even niche interests like trekking or nail art.

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Gauge your proficiency in each skill and research its market value and demand.

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Planning time and tasks

Allocate time for freelance activities, considering regular versus occasional projects and balancing diverse work roles.

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Building a professional portfolio

Develop a portfolio showcasing your expertise and seek feedback from industry professionals for improvement.

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Self-critique and networking

Continuously evaluate and improve your skills. Utilize professional networks, and online platforms like LinkedIn, and spend time networking daily to expand your client base.

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Essential considerations and tips

Client building

Building a clientele involves not just skill, but also the ability to sell oneself. Focus on communication and social skills to attract and retain clients.

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Research before diving in

Preparing thoroughly before researching freelancing opportunities is crucial. This approach helps avoid self-doubt and negative vibes due to excessive competition.

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Persistence and networking

Dedication to building a network and securing a few initial projects before considering leaving a current job ensures a more stable transition.

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Freelancing isn’t just a job change; it’s a career shift that requires planning, perseverance, and continuous skill enhancement. It offers freedom, but demands dedication and strategic networking for long-term success.

By understanding the nuances of freelancing, women returning to work after a hiatus can leverage these opportunities to craft a fulfilling and flexible career path.

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