6 Simple Steps For Building Your Personal Brand In India

Still wondering what's the whole deal with building a personal brand image? Here are 6 simple steps for building your personal brand!

Still wondering what’s the whole deal with building a personal brand image? Here are 6 simple steps for building your personal brand!

What does personal branding mean to you? You may have heard this topic being discussed by your colleagues in business meetings or casual conversations. Creating a brand identity that showcases your values and aspirations to establish a presence for your intended client or target audience is at the core of personal branding.

Sometimes people mistake building personal branding as a journey to earn more money; well, more money in the purse is welcomed— but do not mistake personal branding as a quick solution to your financial dreams.

6 simple steps for building your personal brand!

Personal branding too is always evolving. Hence, remember, these are the first basic steps to take towards your brand image creation!

Sharing and helping

Yes, good old sharing is caring, in a diverse world no two individuals have the same values or experiences, similarly, a company’s expectations and individual’s aspirations are not the same either. Sometimes all it takes is bringing your learnings to a meeting to drive a point home!


We, humans, are creatures who are meant to exist in communities; be it corporate or private life— we need to communicate and interact with each other to live well. Networking is not about just exchanging information, it is about connecting with people to build valuable relationships that are motivated by the need to learn. Do not go into networking thinking about profits!

Shedding hesitancy

We, women, often find it difficult to take credit for our own hard work, as imposter syndrome and self-doubt have plagued us for centuries. Breaking out of imposter syndrome is not impossible! The first step is being selfish and dropping the use of the word “We” when presenting an idea or having a discussion! Reclaim the “I” who has worked hard to earn the dream project.

Planning for the future from today

Our early years in the office are all about gaining experiences and exploring things. As we grow older, our ambitions change and our aspirations evolve. Planning for the future is an important part of brand building, you have to understand what makes you happy for a long time versus a short time. Being able to distinguish between what motivates you and what causes you distress will save you time and effort in the long turn.

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Learning and unlearning

Every new day, there is something new to learn and something old to be unlearned. Unlearning is the hardest part of a growth story, shedding what you thought always worked can be difficult.  Personal content building also revolves around showcasing your new learnings, your target audience should know that you are flexible enough to change and accommodate according to the demands of changing times.

Build trust

Networking is about building enriching connections, on the other hand, interacting with your audience is all about building interpersonal relationships. Responding to suggestions, listening to their feedback, and actively working to improve yourself little by little will build a public image of you that is relatable. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity of your journey.


6 Simple Steps For Building Your Personal Brand In India

People’s attention span is short and fleeting, personal branding has become an important part of corporate culture. Leaving your audience with a memorable impression can only happen with the help of human touch.

Your goal is to stand out of the crowd and earn new opportunities! And opportunities only come to those who earn people’s confidence and trust!

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