A Knight In Shining Armour..Really?

Our society reeks of sexism and it is seen in all spheres of life, be it songs or the good old fairy tales. It is time we rewrite them.

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4 Inspiring Reasons Why All Women Must Try The Devil’s Circuit At Least Once
Devil's Circuit

Devil's Circuit is more than just an obstacle race and women from all over the country are slaying it at the event like never before. Have you tried as yet?

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11 Crucial Ways In Which Smartphones Are Empowering Women Today
smartphone empowering women

Smartphones can be a very useful tool today; the sheer reach of this tiny handheld computer can make life so much better, empowering women in many ways.

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This Women’s Day Understand Why Women NEED To Know Of Finance To Be Empowered

Women's empowerment is incomplete without having a good handle on how finances work. Start learning early, and build it up as you go.

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Here’s What Blogger-Entrepreneur Anupama Dalmia Says About How To Become An Influencer
Anupama Dalmia

A feminist blogger with a compelling voice, yet a very humble and down-to-earth person and friend, that is Anupama Dalmia here, speaking about what makes her tick.

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What Is There For Her? Why The Interim Budget 2019 Disappoints
interim budget 2019

A lack of clear benefits to women in the interim budget 2019 presented by Piyush Goyal, the acting Finance Minister, disappoints, but we're hopeful for the final budget in July 2019.

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