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Sharda Mishra

I am a photographer and an avid reader. I am not a writer but I like to give words to my emotions. I love to cook and hike. I believe in humor and its impact on life.

Voice of Sharda Mishra

My Husband Is Ashamed Of Me In Front Of His NRI Friends…

All I did was keep jotting down my feelings in my green diary. They were my true inner sadness, stories after stories of my loneliness—unhinged, untarnished and unfabricated.

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Change Of Perspective On Menstruation

Growing up can be a scary experience for girls due to societal expectations and social pressures. It is important to acknowledge them and gives girls hope.

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When A Regular Monday Afternoon Turned Into A Poop Reality Show For 2 Sisters And Their Mum!

Both the sisters are in the car, chatting happily, laughing and giggling so fondly like they've seen each other after ages. But it soon they would be each other's enemies!

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