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Goodness Of Coconut: A Blog Contest

Posted: January 11, 2013

Participate in the Parachute Advansed Goodness Of Coconut contest and win exciting prizes for blogging about the wonders of this age old Indian ‘wonder nut’!

The coconut is no stranger to us in India – we use it in our cooking, we use the fibre to make beautiful things and best of all, we love to use it for our skin. The Goodness Of Coconut Contest, brought to you by Parachute Advansed body lotion – is all about coconut for your skin.

Yes, you heard it right – all you need to do is reach into your memories or think about your daily skincare routine, and blog about ‘Goodness Of Coconut For The Skin’. Be as creative as you can be. Skincare rituals that have become a part of your day? The smell and feel of coconut milk? Coconut for skin as part of Indian wisdom and heritage? These are just some of the ideas we’re throwing out for you to chew on – we’re sure you will come up with more!

How to participate?

1. Write a post on your blog on the theme, ‘Goodness Of Coconut For Skin’. Make sure you include this video in your entry. To add the video, you just need to copy this code into the html section of your post:

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Xlr0loNgyow" height="315" width="560" frameborder="0"></iframe>

2. Go to the brand page at Goodness Of Coconut and enter your blogpost details so that it is included as part of the entries.


Contest open until 25th Jan, 2013

The prizes

Parachute Advansed has 3 very cool prizes for winning bloggers:

– The best entry will receive an Apple iPad 2

– The next 2 best entries win gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000 each

About Parachute Advansed

Parachute Advansed


– Blog posts that do not include the video will not be eligible for prizes.

– Word limit: A maximum of 500 words

– There is no restriction on the number of entries, but entries that are not genuine/created on multiple blogs for claiming prizes will be rejected. Judges decision on the winners is final.

– Blog submissions containing pornographic, adult, obscene or racist language will not be considered

– Prizes can only be sent to a valid address in India

Update: Results Out!

This contest is now closed, and results have been announced.

The first prize (an iPad) goes to Deboshree for her post Cocooned in Coconut.

The two second prizes (gift vouchers worth Rs.5000) go to NumeroUnity for her post, Pure as mother’s love and Koyeli for her post on Coconut, the Indian wonder nut.

Congratulations, ladies! The brand team will be getting in touch with you for the prizes.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and had fun writing on this ‘nutty’ theme. We hope we’ll see you around on all the other contests we host here!

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  1. Sorry Paromita, we forgot to mention this. Updated now – a maximum of 500 words.

  2. Hi I am interested To Participate sounds very interesting 🙂

  3. M participating in this contest…… Will try my best 😀 😀 😀 best luck to others

  4. Dear Admin, along with max 500 Words in Blog, i wanted to give my Special dedication towards “Goodness Of Coconut” & Women’s Web by making a Creative Video on the theme “Goodness Of Coconut” along with Social promotion, so want a permission for it.

    I hope you will allow to show some Creativity.

  5. Dono how to submit it. I dono what to do for Links, Tab and File. Pl. help me.

  6. I have submitted my post, and added the videos in the html section. Please confirm , if this is how they are supposed to appear….I have some doubts. Would be grateful for a comment from you !

  7. @Suranga – apologies, there was a slight error in the code. The right code has been updated above. Could you please use this one instead? Sorry for the trouble!

    @Deepika – What is the issue you are facing? Once you’ve written your post, go over and post the link at goodnessofcoconut.com. You’ll see a button there saying ‘submit your entry’ – click on that and just fill in the details in the form.

    @Sagar – creativity is always welcome 🙂 (but don’t forget to include this video as well…)


  9. @Ghun – you don’t need to download the video at all. To make it simple, we have given the embed code above in the article – simply copy paste that into the html area of your blogpost.



  12. @Ghun – you need to embed the code in the html area of your post. Please send a mail to admin@womensweb.in with a screenshot of where you are posting it, and maybe we can help.

  13. Goodness of coconut is said to be a blessing in our lives because each part of the coconut is useful. The coconut oil is good for the skin. when the skin tends to become old after applying oil it comes back to the beautiful glowing form. Thanks for the coconut goodness

  14. When you use coconut oil on your skin, the benefits are profound and long-term. Once it completely penetrates the pores of your skin, it will eventually end up in your bloodstream for more health-improving activities.

    The skin is the largest single organ in your body. It is the only thing or covering that prevents air-born, water-born or whatever-born killers from dismantling every single cell in your body.

    Fortifying your skin with “antimicrobial” MCFAs is one of the most effortless ways to guarding against infection. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of rare MCFAs.

  15. submitted my entry…. it was really awesome and i feel very happy participating in this contest.. the only doubt is where are the results going to be displayed or the winners will be eliminated by email ..??

  16. Hi, Can hair care be an eligible part of it?

  17. Hi Numerounity, sure, while the focus is on skin, you could add in thoughts on haircare as well.

    • Thanks Admin/…Why I asked hair as coconut and coconut oil is widely known for his enriching effect on hairs. Thanks though I will try to focus on skin care keeping the product’s interest in mind 🙂

  18. Hi Admin! I just have seen the other blog posts of competitors and so much confused!! You have told that the word limitation is 500; but a big part of them posted with excess words! Is the word-limit is essential? My 2nd question is, can use pictures collected from Google in my post?

  19. My entry for the contest is here http://hiphopgmom.blogspot.in/2013/01/goodness-of-coconut-for-skin_6319.html

    However I am not able to downsize the video. Is it okay?

  20. this was awesome …….. fun in creating blogs ……see my entry here : wwww.goodnessofcoconut.co.nr

  21. @Koyeli – entries over the word limit are not being disqualified, but priority may be given to those who meet all the criteria (including word limit).Pics entirely your choice.

    @Padma – no worries about video size. Hope you were able to post your entry at the brand page too: goodnessofcoconut.com

  22. When will the results be declared ??

  23. Submitted my blogpost. Its says pending for review. Pl let me know as I would be travelling! Thanks again for bringing such valuable contest!

  24. @Shanaz – the contest ends only on the 25th, so results post that.

    @Numerounity – not to worry, entries will go up on the page in a bit. hope you had fun writing!

    • Yup…It was fun. I wrote this entry while running around to manage things (home/office/offshore) while getting prepared for travel to Jaipur! 🙂 Thanks team, bring more 🙂

  25. oops.I dont see it in the list,,,,

  26. @Nandini – no worries, its up there now. Entries may take a little while to go up on the brand page post uploading, but they will show up.

  27. Well, I really committed a blunder….instead of giving the post’s link, I submitted the blog’s link. Now that I have updated my blog with another recent post, my contest entry link takes me to the latest of my post and not the contest post. Is there anyway I can modify/edit the link to my contest blog-post? Or you guys will figure it out yourself?

  28. Here’s the entry I have submitted for the contest: Cocooned in Coconut .
    All the very best to all participants!

  29. I tried to post my entry but it says invalid image, even after posting the video after a couple of trials. Please help

  30. Submitted my post a few hours ago. Hope to see it appear in the links page.

  31. Hello Admin, I have some problem to submit my entry. I can’t understand what data I need to submit in the place ‘Description’, ‘Tags’ and ‘Thumbnail’. Please help me.

    • For description, please include a short note on your entry. Thumbnail is an image that goes along with your entry. Tags are simply words you can use to say what your entry is about, for e.g. coconut, skincare etc.

  32. Dear Admin,
    where Can We see the results…??

  33. Hello I submitted my entry to the contest. it says pending for review. how can I know its been listed?? please let me know.. hope it gives a good read n info… with a little coco tale..


  34. It’s pending review. How would I know that my entry is accepted?

  35. @Saru – entries are usually updated every few hours. Yours already has been 🙂

  36. its pending review. same question…How would I know that my entry is accepted ?

  37. is my entry accepted?

  38. hello Admin..I am unable to see my post on the links page…

  39. It was fun participating for this contest …………….My MIL swears by the wonder nut


  40. Thanks all. Please do note, ALL entries will take a few hours to get updated on the brand site, and the only way to know if your entry is up, is to check back after a few hours.

  41. Yeah, when and where are the results likely to be put up? They were to be announced today but all is quiet on the website….

  42. Slight delay in results coming up on site…hold on for a little, folks, and they should be out soon!

  43. Thanks you soooooooooooooooooo much!!! 🙂

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  47. I really like to read posts on this blog.

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