Let’s Change The Narrative Around Women & Money, To Empower Mompreneurs Building Successful Businesses!

The Good Glamm Group and Mahila Money collaborate to ensure access to finances, tools, and knowledge for mompreneurs growing their brands.

Sarah Sham, a mompreneurs at a luxury interior design studio says in this reel on The Mompreneur Show, “I made a decision a while ago whether I want to be an interior designer or a business owner. A lot of people get stuck there – if you are an interior designer, you just get obsessed with (the nitty gritty of design). But I’m a business owner – so (my focus will be on) – Is my business making money? Are my clients happy? With the overall experience of everything, while not compromising with details. Because having a strong personal brand is so important.” The designs can be gorgeous, she says, but the brand is what will get you more business and visibility.

And that’s what mompreneurs should know and focus on. Building a strong personal brand, and growing it as a business.

A collaboration to focus on financial wellness for mompreneurs

This is a collaboration aimed at supporting the participants of The Moms Co.’s Mompreneurs Show. This strategic partnership is designed to create an ecosystem fostering empowerment and growth for women entrepreneurs, celebrating women’s financial prowess in their entrepreneurship journey.

Naiyya Saggi, Group Co-founder, Good Glamm Group and CEO, Good Community said on this occasion, “We are thrilled to extend our support to mompreneurs beyond the show’s glory. By partnering with Mahila Money, we aim to empower women with the financial tools and knowledge needed to scale their businesses successfully.”

On her part, Sairee Chahal, Founder and Chairperson, Mahila Money said, “This collaboration is not just about productive capital. It is about a collaborative ecosystem to increase success ratio for women entrepreneurs with incubation, community, resources and engagement. It’s a movement to recognize and celebrate the entrepreneurial ambition and energy that women entrepreneurs bring to the table. Through #MompreneurMoneyMoves/#MahilaKnowsMoney, we aim to redefine the narrative around women and money.”

Roadblocks – financial, personal, social – are inevitable, but you can bounce back

As Sarah Sham says, “Roadblocks are inevitable in life, but mompreneurs encounter twice of them. You hit lows, fall back but most importantly, you bounce back.” She goes on to give her tips for how to do this.

  1. Be thankful for an opportunity to learn from what went wrong
  2. Introspect and actually list down what went wrong and what didn’t, and focus on making positive changes
  3. Don’t be afraid of confrontation needed to make these changes

With the campaign #MompreneurMoneyMoves / #MahilaKnowsMoney, the collaboration takes a bold stance by celebrating the wealth of financial knowledge women already possess and elevates the financial prowess of women, emphasizing that empowerment starts with acknowledging the intelligence they bring to the table.

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