This Women’s Day Understand Why Women NEED To Know Of Finance To Be Empowered

Women's empowerment is incomplete without having a good handle on how finances work. Start learning early, and build it up as you go.

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This Women’s Day Pledge To Raise Independent Daughters – 6 Tips To Teach Them About Money
teaching daughters about money

It is unfortunately too common for us Indians to keep our girls away from money matters and financial planning. After all, why would she need it? Wrong.

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Why Is It Essential To Begin Small And Early For Financial Planning?

Starting small at a young age, when one has just begun earning is the best stress-free way to accrue a large corpus in your financial planning. Priti Rathi Gupta explains how.

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What Is There For Her? Why The Interim Budget 2019 Disappoints
interim budget 2019

A lack of clear benefits to women in the interim budget 2019 presented by Piyush Goyal, the acting Finance Minister, disappoints, but we're hopeful for the final budget in July 2019.

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10 Years And An Overdue Intervention

"I don’t care what system you have or what you invent. At the end, you should know what your assets are, when a payment is due, and when the bank should credit an FD’s interest to you.”

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3 Financial Resolutions Women Should Make {And Keep} In 2019!

The author suggests that for their financial well-being, women should follow these three resolutions this new year and become independent and secure.

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