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Stop Calling Women Who Manage Finances, ‘Dominating!’

We presume that men know where and how to spend, save or invest money, whereas we women don’t know anything about managing our own finances!

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How More Women Can Fulfil The Aspirations Of Owning Their Homes
Financial Decision

There are numerous advantages attached to a home loan when availed by a woman. A host of benefits available to all us are...

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Parents, Here’s A 4-Pronged Approach To Truly Empower Daughters By Teaching Them About Finances!

Parents often make the mistake of discussing money, savings, investments, property, stocks/ shares, business and economy only with sons, as the girls are expected to "get married and leave".

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A Fun Way To Teach Kids Financial Freedom Which Can Be A Life & Death Thing In An Abusive Situation

Instead of saving for your daughter's wedding, why don't you gift her control on her financial freedom with the help of this fun book?

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Why You MUST Make Your Daughters Financially Literate & Independent

As they say, there are NO free lunches. Financial independence and literacy is the only way to ensure a safe and worry free life for you and your daughters. 

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11 Things You Must Know About Sucheta Dalal, Whose Tweet Crashed Adani Group Shares
Sucheta Dalal

Who is Sucheta Dalal and why is her tweet trending? Some details about this woman achiever who is making a difference to our financial lives.

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