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Smart Millennial Parents Know How To Get The Best Out Of Life, Money And Taxes

A millennial parent's approach to managing life goals, couple goals and kids' goals by taking financially smart decisions.

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A Letter To My Daughter For Her 18th Birthday

A mother's heartwarming letter to her daughter explaining to her that life's struggles are for real and planning is what will help her tide over these, just like how she did. 

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Are Women Not Considered Capable Enough Of Taking Financial Decisions?

Isn’t it ironical that the same person who is otherwise considered capable of running a home while even keeping a job falls off the consideration set when it comes to the really big decisions?

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Why Should I Agree To Be Dependent On A Man If I Can Earn For Myself?

Women are often told that the finances are not for them. But finance is for everyone. Here are a few ways to be a financially independent, empowered woman

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Six Tried And Tested ‘Golden Rules’ On How To Reduce Your Expenses

Everyone wants to know a shortcut to either save money or cut down on expenses. While there is no shortcut, here are six ways you can reduce your expenses!

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Why Festival Spending, Is Like A Crash Course In Financial Planning For Your Whole Life!

A mother's advice on how financial planning is important, especially because of the changing trends and patterns of festival spending.

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