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Dr Arushi

Often the test of courage is not to die but to live..

Voice of Dr Arushi

The Tall & Short Of It; How Much Does Your Height Matter!

According to society, if you're tall, you're too tall and if you're short, you're too short. Really what difference does your height make?

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Calling Someone An ‘Aunty’ Doesn’t Make You Cool, It Just Shows Your Regressive Thoughts!

We often call women 'aunties' for certain aspects of their behaviour. Let me tell you why it is a regressive train of thought!

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The Misogynist And 9 Other Types Of ‘Bad Boys’ No Woman Ever Wants!

Accept it, all of us have dreamt of the man we would be spending our lives with! But here are 10 'bad boys' none of us should settle for!

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An Educated Household And The Misogyny Within

Do educated households practice equality between men and women? My experience tells me internalised misogyny abounds in these households.

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