Stop Disagreeing & Arguing With Everything Someone Says, It Only Makes You Look Foolish!

Remember how 'empty vessels make the most noise'? Similarly when you constantly disagree with people, you are simply making a lot of noise!

Remember how ’empty vessels make the most noise’? Similarly, when you constantly disagree with people, you are simply making a lot of noise!

Have you found yourself in a conversation that goes like:

Person 1: “The colour of the wall is blue”

Person 2: “No. It’s light blue”


Person 1: “Our PM is a great person.”

Person 2: “I found congress better in some aspects.”

Or even something like this?

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Person 1: I want to become an engineer.

Person 2: Nonsense, engineering has no scope, try for medical instead.

Why must we constantly disagree with people?

Why do we have this inherent tendency to disagree with or correct the other person when our opinions differ? I thought about this and came up with a few possible reasons.

For one, it could be men mansplaining things or it could be elders doing the same. This could be that person’s belief that they know more than the person speaking. Secondly, it could also be the inherent tendency of thinking of oneself as superior to others. This may lead one person even going and abusing others for having no to little knowledge.

Relatives and family friends are usually the topmost convicts who try to explain to us what life is and how one should behave. On the one hand, it could be their experience speaking. However, on the other, we all do agree that experiences ranging from careers to relationships, definitely vary from person to person.

Someone who would score around 50 percent in school may now be qualified for UPSC and an IITian might be jobless. In a lot of cases, one kind of doctor may have lesser knowledge than the other. All of this depends on the person and how they handle themselves and imbibe the knowledge and positive energy around them.

You only sound like an empty vessel making too much noise

This tendency of disagreeing or trying to explain everything, if continued for too long may become a habit. We might even carry it during our regular day to day conversations and become an object of disdain.

What we also need to note is that while these things don’t just make the other people doubt themselves, they don’t make you superior at all. It just indicates a lack of knowledge, the need to be accepted by society or even self-doubt. You know what they say, ‘Empty vessels make the most noise.’ and we should try and avoid being the empty vessels in our own lives!

Let me share an excerpt from the life of Buddha with you: Once a man started abusing Lord Buddha for lack of knowledge about a subject. He went on for hours. In the end, Lord Buddha asked him, “What happens when you gift something to a person and the other person doesn’t accept it?”

The man said, “It remains with the person who attempted to give the gift.” Buddha said, “I do not accept your gift of abuse.”

PS: Reflect on your lives and see the number of times we disagree on something and try hard to make a point while the other person just stays without paying attention.

Picture credits: Still from Telugu movie Arjun Reddy

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