If You Were So Alone, You’d Know My Pain

The love I wanted was pure and restless. Where there were no judgements and only bliss. No one loved me the way I wished,


If music comes from a broken heart,

Mine would’ve sung a million songs,

If love is what you desire,

I wouldn’t have been broken from the start.

For the love I wanted was pure and restless,

Irrevocable and true and serene,

Where one could just lie and hope to live forever,

Where there were no judgements and everything was a bliss.

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Nowhere can I find that love,

Am I so undesirable?

No one loved me the way I wished,

And still I yearn for some attention and trove.

Sometimes hugs can join your pieces,

Sometimes they can break you further apart,

Wherever I went, I didn’t find that unconditional love,

And my desire to be understood was amiss.

Maybe I should learn to be alone more often,

And desire for no one at all,

For gods sometimes enjoy your misery,

And make it even more permanent than you want.

With my phone switched off and no one around,

My mind wonders and wanders,

I am left to be alone and squander,

And yet told to be “strong” and bound.

If you were so alone, you’d know my pain,

And my only desire to be understood well,

Just one person would do my God,

Let all my pain be gone and slain.

Image source: Abhishe vyas via Getty Images, free on CanvaPro

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