No Love Only Lust Between Men & Women — Does Neena Gupta Speak The Truth For Us?

Neena Gupta’s take on love between a man and woman opens a can of worms. She’s speaking her truth, which is a reality for so many people, but is it universal?

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Yes I Lost Myself Being My Daughter’s Mom, But Gained My Best Friend Forever!

When my fledgling flies away from my nest will she crane her neck back to catch a glimpse of me? Did I crane my neck back to see my amma (mother) after taking flight?

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‘We Love You But Only On OUR Terms And Conditions’ Is Abuse, Not Love!

We say that we live in modern times and talk on subjects like feminism, supporting your loved ones, encouraging them to follow their dreams. But how many of us can really say that they actually do that?

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When Our Eyes Met Unexpectedly, Amidst The Crowd At A Family Function…

Your goals made you move to a new city. I saved my pocket money to call you from a local PCO since my house used to get itemized phone bills.

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‘Baai’ Is All About Food Connecting Hearts, Whether Filial Or Romantic: Modern Love Mumbai

Baai's last words before her death will resonate inside me for a long time - "Pata hai khane mein sabse ahem kya hota hai? (Do you know the most important ingredient of food?)"

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Weekend Watch: Feels Like Ishq, When “All You Need Is Love!”
Feels Like Ishq

Netflix's Feels Like Ishq could be the light, yet just deep enough connect you might need to feel good despite the still continuing pandemic.

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