Move Over Raj And Simran! Bollywood Has A New Couple – Kartik And Aman

Mocking Bollywood's stereotypical idea of love and standing up for homosexuality, Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan's teaser is breath of fresh air.

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Meeting By Serendipity

He grinned at her impishly, winked and said “I believe in serendipity. I am sure we shall meet again. Return my umbrella then.”

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My Extraordinarily ‘Romantic’ Second Wedding Sans A Panditji

What happens if your wedding is a traditional, 'please all the elders' one, and does not enamour you with its lack of 'romance'? 

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She Was In Love With Death

A dirge for Life, and for Death, who did not realise that his embrace would erase the existence of his love, Life.

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The Only Love That Was Allowed Was Between Man And Woman…

They went through so much to stay together in a world that accepted only one version of romantic love - that of a man and a woman. But finally, destiny had other plans.

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Kabir Singh’s ‘Love’ Might Be The Current Flavour, But It Is Only Glorification Of Abuse

Love does not abuse. Love heals. What Kabir Singh feels and expresses is not love; please don't be swayed by it, people. It's abuse. Recognise it for what it is.

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