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Sheer Qorma Promises To Be A Sweet Love Story Of Two Women Fighting All Odds To Be Together

The trailer of Sheer Qorma dropped earlier this week. As the third mainstream movie to deal with homosexuality, it gives a ray of hope of inclusion in Bollywood.

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Love Aaj Kal – How Valentine’s Day Celebrations Have Changed Over The Years

Remember the 80s and 90s when you'd sneak out to meet you boyfriend? Now think of today, when couples are much more open about their love. How times change!

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This Valentine’s Day, Now That We Are Parents…

Does Valentine's Day change in fundamental ways, whether in the first flush of love, through the days and years of courtship, as newlyweds, or after becoming parents?

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These 6 Women Show Us That It’s Not Always The Man Who Proposes

Why must men be the only ones proposing to women? In the 21st century with women taking charge, here are six women who made the first move and proposed!

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If This Is Love, You Don’t Deserve It At All
is it love

Is the love you swear by really love, or something else? If you feel controlled, abused, or doubt yourself in your relationship, it might not be.

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She Was Not Alone, But Left With The Emptiness Of Being Lonely

Everyday, while sucking the nectar out, the bee took away a small piece of life from her yet the flower wished to remain in his toxic company.

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