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Ayushi Mona co-leads Broke Bibliophiles Bombay Chapter, India's first offline reader driven community. She is a poet and writer who evangelizes Indian writing in English at the India Booked podcast and has also been a jury member at Royal Commonwealth society, the world's oldest essay writing competition. She is a marketing professional who has both worked with and freelanced for top brands. She was recognized by Business World in their 30 Under 30 list of entrepreneurs and mentors young women in Asia via WEDU ASEAN emerging women program.

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romance novels
Why Do Romance Novels Get Such A Bad Rap?

Romance novels are not the problem; badly written women characters are. And commerialisation of the genre is the other problem.

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Beyond the Watercooler: How Small Talk Shapes our Work Lives
Beyond The Watercooler: How Small Talk Shapes Our Work Lives

Small talk isn't about sharing ideas or information; it's about finding common ground and creating bonds with other human beings.

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Why It’s Wrong To Think That Made In Heaven Is A Show About Rich People

There are only 2 things in India that give social mobility - a solid, elitist education (like Radhika Apte's character) or marriage (like Tara Khanna). Made In Heaven does this well.

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Why Indian Women Can Never Be Gold-diggers!

The boys' parents and in some cases the girls' parents are implicitly the real 'gold diggers' because marriages are socially sanctioned transactions in India.

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gift tax
Here’s All You Must Know About Gift Tax & Tax On Donations, That Includes Gifts From A Spouse!

The festive season calls for the joy of giving. Do you understand the tax implications of donations and gift tax, whether you earn or not?

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networking tips
8 Networking Tips For Successful Women Despite Gender Specific Challenges At Work

Women often find it difficult to network after responsibilities at home and work, and also in promoting self-interest. Networking tips for you.

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how to buy gold
How To Buy Gold So It Truly Belongs To YOU And Not Family Members? Ladies, Find Out TODAY!

Indian women own 11% of the world's gold, says recent data, but do they really? A gold investment plan that tells you how to buy gold so it is yours!

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Taxable Income: Myths, Facts and FAQs All Women Should Know
Taxable Income: Myths, Facts And FAQs All Women Should Know

Indian tax laws are complicated — financially independent women often find the different components included in their taxable income difficult to decipher.

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Building a Book Club
6 Years of Building a Book Club and Lessons I learned!

My book club turned 6 years old last month! While I am proud of this community, it is frankly an uphill task to run a book club...

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how to write a resume
Making A Resume- The Only Guide You Need To Get Your CV Right

Writing a resume? We have 10 and more dos and don'ts to get that perfect resume for your dream job. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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how to get a mentor
7 Insider Pro Tips For You On How To Get A Mentor!

So when is mentoring a good idea and when is it not? Does everyone need a mentor? How to get a mentor? Here's help.

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emergency fund
13 Tips On How To Create An Emergency Fund And Why Every Woman Needs One

Irrespective of whether you are a grandparent, parent, or a married or single woman - here's why every woman should have an emergency fund.

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education loan
All You Need To Know About Getting An Education Loan In India

As a student or a parent, what are all the things you should know about taking an education loan? Here's comprehensive help.

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Is The Advertising Industry Finally Moving Away From Sexist Stereotypes?

Advertising has often come under the crossfire for their sexist portrayal of women. But with changing times, are they also changing?

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child investment plans
Empower Your Little One With The Best Child Investment Plans For A Secure Future

What is the best time to look at child investment plans? What are the instruments you can invest in to best safeguard your child's future?

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Till Taxes Do Us Apart: 5 Financial Vows For A Happy Marriage

Marriage can become a financial nightmare if young couples do not take stock of their money situation. Here are 5 important vows to take.

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The Seductress And The Princess

Then she grew older, her boyfriend in college constantly chastised her. Asked her to stop talking to other guys. To pull up her top. To not bend. To hush. Every guy she ever spoke to was a victim of her uncontrollable desire.

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3 Financial Resolutions Women Should Make {And Keep} In 2019!

The author suggests that for their financial well-being, women should follow these three resolutions this new year and become independent and secure.

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What I Have Learnt From A Decade Of Living With PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects one in every five women in India, yet there’s little information on the disorder. I first got diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 14. It caused considerable havoc in my life then and continues to do now.

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What Women Entrepreneurs Should Know About How The GST Act Will Affect Small Businesses

The GST Act has been passed last week, and economic pundits are watching out to see how GST affects small businesses, especially women entrepreneurs.

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Teaching Kids About Money – Essential For A Responsible, Money Savvy Future Generation

Parents take great pains to educate and arm their children with knowledge. However, most parents are likely to negate teaching kids about money altogether.

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Are Women From Venus And Men From Mars When It Comes To Investing Money?

Men have had an upper hand in managing money for centuries. How can sensible investments by women help in creating a more equal world?

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The Young Professional Woman’s Guide To Investing, For True Financial Independence

Learning about managing money is vital for true financial independence, without depending on your father/husband/son/any other man. So, how do you go about it?

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Why Women Need To Stop Being Casually Sexist And Label Someone A Typical Woman

Let us not label someone a typical woman and be sexist towards ourselves - when it might just be her way of coping with her circumstances.

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Best Foot Forward: Tips For Young Women Starting Their Careers

It is wonderful to be independent and making your own way in the world as an adult at your first job, and here are a few tips for you to rock it!

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Why Is There Such A Dearth Of Female Quizzers In India?

There is a serious dearth of female quizzers in India and it's not because of a dearth of talent, it's because of the subtle sexism that runs in the society.

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4 Great Books on Mother-Daughter Relationships You Must Read

This four books will take you through the variant shades of mother-daughter relationships. A must read for book-lovers.

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