How To Buy Gold So It Truly Belongs To YOU And Not Family Members? Ladies, Find Out TODAY!

Indian women own 11% of the world's gold, says recent data, but do they really? A gold investment plan that tells you how to buy gold so it is yours!

This Dhanteras, think about this – If you are like most Indians, you and your family think that the two most reliable forms of investment are property and gold. While property regularly makes it to billboards as a wealth enabler, thanks to advertisements for apartments, plots and villas – gold is seldom discussed outside of its decorative use as jewelry for daily wear and its ostentatious display at weddings. How to buy gold so that it gives you more?

Indians and women, in particular, have a complex (if loving) relationship with gold. A recent report states that Indian women own 11% of the world’s gold but it begins far earlier than that. Young girls get ear/nose piercings and often own claim to gold before anything else in life. As they grow older, their financial status is fortified by the gold “given” by their families to them as streedhan or even as a “dowry.”

Unfortunately, women often do not have any control over it. If marriages turn ugly and bitter – a fight over a woman’s ownership to gold and jewelry forms part of divorce feuds and as women grow older – their claim to gold is stripped off as unsuitable for old age.

With Diwali, Dhanteras Pooja and the hindu wedding season around the corner – as a woman reading this article, you too perhaps would be channeling your inner laxmi by dressing up, gold necklaces intact, heading into the event season. Yet, it is a good time to reflect on what gold means to you!

Do you value gold for its place in your cultural heritage? Many of us can not imagine traditions and rituals without gold. People take personal loans and debt just to maintain respect around this pressure.

Do you own your gold or does your gold own you?

Often, people save gold because of pressures from your family or because you really want to?

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This article gives you all important tips on investing in gold:

How to buy gold, and in what form to buy it in?

How to ensure your gold is accessible to you and not controlled by in laws or other relatives?

How to buy gold so it becomes an investment, not just a purchase?

How to buy gold steadily so you don’t splurge?

How to buy gold as an asset in your investment strategy?

How much Gold is too much Gold?

How to be an empowered investor of gold?

Some specific ways in which you can invest in gold.

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