The World In Pieces: Poem On Abuse We Face

Who gave you the authority, Sir, you’re neither the prince nor pauper. What has happened to the world, Dear Lord, and why is it in pieces? Where did we go wrong at all, why does intelligence ceases?

It was a quiet morning and everything was a bliss,

The pre Vedic era was a pure and serene premise…

Where things were equal and people were generous,

And very few things can be called venerous…

Cut to 2022, oh what we see,

A woman killed in a wild, unfair spree…

The reason was her headscarf wasn’t proper,

Who gave you the authority Sir, you’re neither the prince nor pauper…

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What has happened to the world, Dear Lord, and why is it in pieces,

Where did we go wrong at all, why does intelligence ceases…

This is but one incidence which rocked the world, and yet we learn nothing at all,

Was the headscarf such a big deal, or is it the killers who should take that fall?

Let us come a bit closer to home, when my friend was at the road,

She was teased by a few men, and later her chances to step out blowed…

When we discussed, some of my friends said, “She should’ve donned her “sindoor”,

Does depravity stop at the sindoor I ask, or doesn’t marital rape happen indoors?

Nirbhaya and Asifa must look down and think, what did our death teach them?

No amount of sindoor or purdah can cover up the depravity that lies in scums…

Don’t even get me started on the abuse that even some men have faced,

Worst still, they barely report it, have a great time having them traced…

Did they wear something inappropriate too, or was it the mental state of the abuser?

These incidents leave a mark on you, and it tends to linger forever…

Moreover, abuses are mostly indoors, and it isn’t always physical,

Verbal, mental and many-many more are the routine of some in general…

The pressure and tension that they face cannot be explained in words,

Many succumb, many get depressed and many are irreparable and break like herds…

Breaking this pattern is the need of the hour,

And we all need that will power..

Face the abuser, be it anyone, and support the receiver at par,

Kindness and love might be the only tools to heal them from the scar..

The mentality and awareness needs to be the solution,

To listen to those in need and not mock or push aside should be our yearly resolution…

A good focus on work and will and keeping a clean slate,

Don’t do or say anything unjust, else Karma would have no wait…

Image source: Doidam10, free on CanvaPro

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