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Let Me Bust These 6 ‘Popular’ Myths About The Vagina For You!

From its elasticity to its 'ideal' colour, there are several myths about the vagina. But I am here to bust 6 of the most 'popular' ones!

From its elasticity to its ‘ideal’ colour, there are several myths about the vagina. But I am here to bust 6 of the most ‘popular’ ones!

The vagina – one of the most ‘mysterious’ parts of a woman’s body. We have all heard myths about it all through our lives. From how it’s supposed to look, feel and even smell, we have heard it all.

However, what if I told you that these things that you have heard are nothing but myths?

Let me clear 6 of these myths about this ‘mysterious lady part’ for you!

The vagina loses elasticity post-coitus

Well, here’s the truth. There is no evidence for this!

Think of it this way, you defecate all your life and yet, your rectum and anus don’t lose their elasticity, do they? They are meant to expand and that’s how nature has designed it.

No amount of coitus will ever alter the shape or elasticity of your vagina!

Bleeding bride means a virgin bride

Here’s the reality – In earlier times, people would lay a white sheet beneath the bride to ‘check her virginity.’ Think of this way: in earlier times, often, the bride was barely under 18.

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She barely had any knowledge of her own body, she was afraid and had no lubrication. The man, on the other hand, was older, but still had no knowledge of sex or the human body. In such a scenario, bleeding is bound to happen!

Today, when people have so much knowledge of sex due to the internet and other sources, they are more aware of what is going to happen. Naturally, this will relax them psychologically and physically, thus reducing the chances of pain.

As for your hymen, it looks something like a scrunchie – it doesn’t always cover your vagina, instead, it has a small opening which allows your period blood to flow. The hymen simply stretches during intercourse. All of it depends on how relaxed you are during sex.

Virgin vaginas are small and tight

Again, vaginas come in different sizes. The hymen also comes in different shapes. It has nothing to do with your virginity. Virginity is a social construct!

Please read more information from authentic sources or ask your doctor instead of relying on your teenage knowledge. Your teen friends don’t know any more than you do!

You need a separate wash for your vagina

Look for any good and reliable article on this topic or consult a doctor. Doctors will definitely suggest that if you absolutely have to, water will help you clean your vagina.

The vagina is a self-cleaning mechanism and doesn’t need water. Moreover, using soaps or washes will only alter the pH of the vagina thus leading to infections.

Simply use tissues with clean hands and you are good to go!

The need for vaginal tightening/ lightening & hymen reconstruction

These do NOT work!

The vagina comes in various colours and just like your skin tone, you need to learn to embrace whatever colour you are down there. As for tightening, read whatever I’ve written in the paragraphs earlier.

Hymen reconstruction is just another way to earn money. Trust me, try to relax while having sex and you might not bleed. The bleeding might happen due to the lack of lubrication and not the hymen.

Sex leads to weight gain

You are not a balloon, girl! If anything, sex raises metabolism and burns calories. The weight gain we see in women is often due to lack of self-care and more family care. Also, probably due to multiple pregnancies in a short duration. Practice safe sex. Period!

All these myths have been created only to ensure that girls don’t think of self-care or even enjoying themselves. And you might just discover that this is because of the popular notion that ‘khandaan ki ijjat hymen mein hoti hai’ (The family’s honour is in your hymen!) Thanks to this, you don’t get to talk or learn and understand anything.

Remember, these are the same people who believe that ‘ladki ki koi ijjat nai hai jab tak shaadi na ho’ (A girl barely has any respect until she’s married).

Learn about self-care, your own body and how to stand up for yourself. Do not rely on your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend to tell you anything about your own body. Speak to a doctor if you need to but listen to and find reliable sources for this kind of information.

Ps. Have you heard about some other myths about the vagina? Do let me know in the comments!

Picture credits: Still from AIB’s video A Woman’s Besties on YouTube

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